Up, Down Then Up Again. Gas Prices Very Unstable Lately


You may have not have noticed but filling up your gas tank just got a lot more expensive.

Tuesday morning, most gas stations in Sault Ste. Marie increased the price at the pumps by over 10 cents a litre.   Prices early Tuesday were still sitting at 99.6 cents but by noon those prices shot up to $109.9 / Litre.

Gas prices have been unstable since the bottom fell out of the oil industry in April, when prices fell to a low of 89 cents locally.  COVID-19 has also meant less travel by auto and air, forcing prices to fall almost daily in March.   At the beginning of March just as COVID-19 restrictions were taking hold, prices fell from $1.17.9 to $1.11 per litre and continued to drop throughout April before prices began to rebound in early May .  Industry insiders say prices will continue to be volatile for most of the Summer.


  1. Mind boggling how our gas prices don’t seem to be tied to the price of a barrel of oil anymore…gas should be 40 cents a litre. Corporate and government greed drives the price to where it is.

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