Altercation on Bus Leads To Robbery Charge


On July 16, 2020 officers with Patrol Services arrested 31-year-old Kenneth Armstrong for robbery.

It is alleged at 1:05 p.m. the accused approached a transit vehicle in the 700 block of Great Northern Road. The operator of the vehicle opened the door to let the accused know the vehicle was being operated for accessible purposes. He demanded to be taken downtown. When the operator explained they couldn’t do that he became agitated, threatened the operator and attempted to remove them from their seat.

The victim attempted to use the radio to call for help, and at that time it is further alleged the accused pulled the radio out of the dash, grabbed the operator’s cell phone and left the area.

The accused was located at 4:15 p.m. and arrested. He is charged with robbery, uttering threats and mischief. He was held for bail court.


  1. He would not be convicted of a bogus charge of robbery if he was in a city not filled with dump-truck lawyers and cops who charge people with vandalism for spitting on the sidewalk.

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