ARCH Overjoyed By $30,000 Donation


Circle K matches fundraising campaign from last years ARCH Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

SAULT STE. MARIE: Today marks a very special day for ARCH Hospice, as they have received a $30,000 donation from Circle K. The donation comes at a time when ARCH has had to postpone certain events due to Covid-19. The donation was as a surprise to ARCH, and SaultOnline was invited to capture the special and very heartwarming moment. Executive Director, Christianne Monico and Manager of Fund Development, Lee Rendell were overjoyed upon receiving the donation.

“It means the world. A month ago we were fighting just to keep our doors opened for the next few months. The community has really rallied behind us and donors like Circle K and Palmer and his crew, it shows you how much the community cares and how valuable they view the services and this community that we offer. It’s beautiful,” said Lee Rendell, Manager of Fund Development.

“We’re truly grateful for the donation. Our community has really been stepping up since we’ve been hit with the fiscal impacts of Covid. It helps us support our residence and our families with meals and shelter and care supplies – all the things that aren’t otherwise funded. Only a portion of our operations are funded and the rest relies on fundraising. This means the world to us,” said Christianne Monico, Executive Director.

Circle K’s Marketing Manager, Palmer Maniacco, was at ARCH to pass the donation which comes at a time when ARCH made the decision to cancel their pancake breakfast fundraiser. Circle K saw an opportunity to lend a hand and matched last year’s funds of $15,000.

“They (ARCH) had a pancake breakfast last year and they raised about $15,000, I thought I’d double it,” said Palmer Maniacco, Marketing Manager Circle K Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa.

The money donated to ARCH comes from the Circle K Foster Active Kids Campaign, which values that kids should have an opportunity to actively participate in activities that value personal integrity, teamwork and leadership skills.

Maniacco continues, “ARCH has a pediatrics section. I thought it would be a great idea to give some of our money to ARCH, because it’s a very good organization. They didn’t have their pancake breakfast this year and we donate the coffees and the cups and we donate time to help serve and clean the tables. This makes up for the loss they had for that.”

The money will be used towards extra supplies needed by ARCH and Executive Director, Christanne Monico is excited that this may be an opportunity for ARCH to have a look at the wishlist posted to their website.

“It’ll go to all the director care supplies for the residence and loved ones. The only thing that’s actually ministry funded is nursing and personal support. Everything else requires fundraising from food to shelter, to blankets, to beds, anything is not otherwise funded,” Christianne Monico, Executive Director.

Rendell also includes, “All of our funds go towards the care and support services for residents and their families. As well as building costs. We have to pay our electricity bill and have to ensure this place is here for many years to come towards to serve our community, everything is towards that.”

When asked if there are any words to the community Rendell shares, “Just how thankful we are for their support and the love that we’ve been shown throughout this pandemic it really shows that we’re the community hospice.”

Monico includes, “It’s incredible. It means continued operations and maximizing our utilization and supporting hospital avoidance in a time that’s very challenging for our hospital partners. We’re very grateful, we’re just one player in the whole local healthcare system, it means the world.”

Still so overjoyed from the donation, Monico and staff had no idea of the amount.

“No clue, no clue, no clue. I mean any amount is great and we’re grateful for everyone and everything that we receive, this is overwhelming.”

For more on fundraising at ARCH Hospice please visit

Circle K Donation to ARCH. Left Palmer Maniacco, Marketing Manager of Circle K Sault Ste. Marie & Wawa. Right Christianne Monico Executive Director and Lee Rendell Manager of Fund Development. Photo supplied by reporter Danielle Dupuis

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