Canada/USA Border Closure: What’s the debate?

International Bridge

At last night’s City Council Meeting, the councillors discussed keeping the Canada/USA border closed.

Last week, local media reported comments made by Cllr Shoemaker. Forcing Cllr Shoemaker to issue a press release about his comments at the previous City Council Meeting. Cllr Shoemaker does not support a quick border reopening and felt his comments were taken out of context.

Mayor Provenzano talked about the close relationship between Sault Michigan and us. The mayor based his position on the border closure on reality, not politics. He wants to keep all border cities safe. 

Cllr Gardi talked about President Trump not listening to the infectious disease experts including Dr. Fauci. He said Trump is more concerned about winning the election and not the care of his citizens. The US needs a national strategy to control COVID and until that happens Cllr Gardi wants the border closed.

The federal government has complete control of the border. Nothing Sault City Council does affects the border closure. Cllr Hollingsworth admits the border is not a municipal issue. However, she supports lobbying higher levels of government to keep the Sault safe and healthy.

Do the councillors not realize they have no jurisdiction over the border? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines jurisdiction as “the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law.”

The Mayor and Council can say whatever they want about the border but the federal government does not have to listen to them. Municipal governments do not control borders.


  1. If you see American plate in a parking lot at the Grocery Store you dont need to report it.First you need to understand that the person has completed 14 days of quarantine and is allowed to travel with in Canada .They do not have to explain anything to you.Health Canada monitors each person in quarantine and knows their licence plate numbers.
    So dont worry all you “Karens” it has been looked after ..

  2. As an investigative reporter, Christopher, you should be aware that city council often has discussions on issues over which they have no jurisdiction but do have a vested interest. They always have and I hope they always will. They often pass resolutions supporting or disagreeing with another governing body’s decisions or potential actions. It was disingenious of you to wonder if councillors were aware that they had no jurisdiction.

  3. I understand many of you wanting to keep the border closed for safety reasons but also keep in mind many local businesses rely heavily on traffic from the U.S. I believe there could be better screening at the border with policies and procedures implemented that would satisfy both sides.

    • So who cares about peoples livelihood and the businesses they’ve spent their lives building? Again, I believe there could be safeguards put in place at the border that could make both sides happy. A compromise, not just an all out shut down. But that would take effort and work right!?

    • Are people to ask for ID when they have a customer in front of them, trying to get into their store? To verify they’re Canadian or that an American has been in self-isolation for their MANDATORY 14 day period before being out and about in stores and restaurants? How exactly does one control the border if it’s open, someone gets here from Florida and then the develop symptoms a few days after arriving but they’re not considerate of others to stay isolated until they’re healthy once again? Policies and procedures only work if everyone is following the rules, clearly 100% of human adults cannot be trusted to follow said rules if it doesn’t suit their personal needs.

  4. WHY would they even consider it for a moment. There is no reason to open the border. Things will never go back to what they were. It’s time to be realistic to the devastation that would occur if they were to open. If there is a sense of ignorance and disrespect being shown in their home country, what will they show us in Canada 🇨🇦

  5. Can somebody who has the authority explain why we are seeing Michigan plates in our seasonal/recreational communities? Has anyone in the media asked this question to the appropriate authorities?

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