Council Urges Feds To Keep Border Closed


City council says it wants the federal government to keep the border between Canada and the United States closed until American COVID-19 infection rates match that of Canada.

Mayor Christian Provenzano, said “Canada has flattened the curve and slowed the spread of this virus and that hasn’t happened yet in the United States.”

“The United States hasn’t flattened the curve and they haven’t slowed the spread of their virus. Now is not the time.”, Provenzano said.

Provenzano is mindful of the “really close relationship” council has with Mayor Don Gerrie and his six city commissioners in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

The border closed between the two countries on March 21. With the most recent extension running until July 21.

Under the current travel ban only essential travellers can cross between the two borders.




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