Downtown Could Finally See a Drug Store Again


Pharlaw Investments Inc is seeking a $40,000 Building Activation Grant to repurpose the former “Davis” building at the corner of Queen St and Bruce Streets.

The applicant is seeking to renovate the space for a new IDA Pharmacy. In addition to the pharmacy, the newly activated space will also have a walk-in clinic, Sweet Greetings Gift Shop (complete with a coffee bar), a cosmetics section and groceries.

It is anticipated that the revitalization of this building will result in 5 full time positions and 15-part time positions. The work will also include significant upgrades to the façade of the building which are in keeping with the overall heritage of the Downtown.

The Downtown area has been under serviced for a pharmacy for many years. A drug store is located in the Station Mall, however the downtown area lost its only pharmacy, Lawrence Drug Store that operated on Queen Street near East for many decades before moving to a Doctors building on East Street.



  1. The mall would not close if those complaining, and those not, supported local businesses plus the management not putting them out of business with 3000/month+ in rent.

  2. Downtown has a drugstore at the station mall and on Wallace Terrace. Our senior, low income, and vulnerable population who live central/downtown need a grocery store where they can get food and diapers!

  3. Slowly seeing the conversion of Stationless Mall into highly profitable waterfront condos. A mixed use main floor on the waterfront may see some restaurants and specialty retail but malls are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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