Face coverings required in Algoma District for businesses, transit, and organizations starting next week


As of Friday July 17, 2020, the public will be required to wear a face covering (i.e. non-medical mask) when entering the indoor premises of businesses, organizations and on public transit systems throughout the service area of Algoma Public Health (APH).

This will be achieved through public health instructions, which are being issued today to all persons responsible for a business or organization that is open. Businesses and organizations must adopt a policy that requires people to wear a mask or face covering in all enclosed public spaces. A sample policy has been provided.

APH’s Medical Officer of Health is issuing these instructions under the authority of the provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) as part of ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“As the province continues to reopen, and as we continue to maintain corridors of essential travel between Algoma and other regions including southern Ontario and the US, we need to step up preventive measures in our public spaces, to keep workers and customers safe, and help business reopen safely, and stay open,” said Dr. Marlene Spruyt, Medical Officer of Health.

APH is committed to supporting local businesses and organizations. Published are a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the new requirements to go along with a Sector-Specific Guidance page where businesses/organizations can download and print signage to assist them in reopening safely.

For more information please visit algomapublichealth.com/COVID-19 or call our Healthy Workplaces line at 705-942-4646 ext. 3273



  1. i do not trust this over funded group paid by my tax dollars —-based on there past lies re past cao —cut there funding
    do not trust them—–re past history of the organisation re past cao—liars and hypocrites —and that is based on fact

  2. Politicians and medical people say they are doing this mask stuff for our safety because they care what a croc. But now that they take the responsibility for our safety does that include forcing school children to wear masks during the cold and flu seasons and also wearing some kind of cap to stop the spread of head lice that happens every year. Remember just because a cold or head lice does not kill it is still a safety issue to those that have neither.

  3. The only reason the APH is putting this rule in is because our city councilors and mayor saw that poll on Soo Today where it was almost a 50/50 split and they know that no matter which way they vote they will be pissing off almost half the voters. So they convinced APH to do their dirty work. Remember most councilors win by only a few votes, so they do not want to touch this.

  4. The fool who has made masks mandatory is basically condemning all the sheep to permanent mask-wearing because the health ‘experts’ will never have to courage to say it’s time to stop. As always, WE are the ones who will have to decide for ourselves. So I will.

  5. Some will, some won’t.. Those that won’t will soon starve because they can’t get into a store without a mask… A grocery store is a PRIVATE business and can do what ever they want.. You don’t have a right to shop there, it’s a privilege.. Pretty sure you ain’t getting into Romes or Food Basics without a mask, or Pino’s.. I don’t like the mask thing personally, but if it’s the only way to get stuff, I’m in… Just bought 60 masks today, don’t fancy starving to death over 10 minutes of aggravation wearing one…But that’s just me….

  6. This is not a safety issue but power and control of the sheep!Today the masks are for safety and tomorrow it will all be a different story as the whole pandemic has been !😭🙏🙏For this country !If your mask works why you so concerned about me !Just asking !!!

  7. To the people telling others are wrong not to wear a mask. You have not right to say we are stupid or wrong. We have a right to our opinion you have a right to yours! Try having a near death experience when you can’t breathe and then you put a mask on. I am extremely claustrophobic and if I don’t have fresh air on my face I have panic attacks.
    I believe this is all leading up to something, we are turning into a communist country and I will not take part.
    I will do my shopping online whenever possible or order food from other outlets..Not shopping local!
    If people are expected to wear a mask then we should not be expected to stand in line out in the heat.

  8. Should be second nature by now. You wear a seatbelt, you wear a helmet, wear a mask they are all safety measures. For those who do, thank you from someone who has lost two loved ones to previous outbreaks. I would like not to lose anyone this time. To those who think it is against their freedoms, the rest of us would like the freedom to keep living.

    • Anna Milia They were both to C-diff. I lost my only sibling, my sister to an outbreak in Hamilton in 2011 in a hospital. I lost mother to another outbreak of it in a nursing home here in the Soo, in2014.

    • Kay as a stroke survivor and someone who lives with epilepsy everyday, I wish for no one to get ill or die & this Includes everyone who has had to have their surgeries delayed/postponed due to this virus.

    • Do you wear a seat belt or a helmet when you’re not driving? I’m sorry you’ve lost people, but that should never be an excuse to force your will on others. Freedom is having a choice. Tyranny is being forced. Their body, their choice.

    • Bill Kennedy seatbelts, and helmets, are mandatory for your safety and mine. Now so are masks. You don’t have to lecture me about freedom and what it stands for. I have had many loved ones fight hard for it. Mine as well as yours. Someone’s will is forced on you everyday, you are not free to just live life on your own terms. Perhaps you completely lack compassion. I don’t I don’t see doing something to try to save lives as being tyranny. I see it as being helpful to my fellow humans.

    • So if you were told to wear a seat belt and helmet at home watching tv when you’re not in danger you’d be ok with that then? Think deep………don’t be a sheep. Things are complex.
      There are so few cases in Algoma it’s not even an issue at this point. Creating stronger rules as the risk lessens makes no logical sense.

    • Bill Kennedy I don’t think anyone is asking you to wear a mask in your own home. If you stay home and away from anyone you could possibly infect we don’t care what you do. It is only when you interfere with the rights of others that it affects yours.

    • Kay Rob Stop being so literal! I’m giving you a thought experiment here. You wear a seat belt WHEN you drive because that’s the dangerous time. You wear a mask WHEN you’re surrounded by sick people because that’s the danger. You don’t wear a seatbelt at home because there’s no danger. You don’t wear a mask when there’s no sick people because there’s no danger. I don’t know how to make this scenario any simpler lol. There’s almost no sick people in algoma right now. It’s NOT the time for stricter precautions. What’s worse, is the people who are exempt from the rules are the people MOST likely to be sick lol. It’s like a child came up with this.

    • Bill Kennedy I know many people who are working very hard to try and keep us safe. Also many who are working hard on a solution to this problem. Why don’t you try a thought experiment, why are you so literal, everything you say about me applies to you also. “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem ” If you are staying home and not wearing a mask that’s up to you. We obviously know nothing about each other let’s just leave it at that shall we.

  9. False sense of security,it would be like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. Shouldn’t they have done this in Toronto six months ago, not here now!

    • I am amused by all the experts that have a better plan…?? Everybody has an opinion yet, most are not good ones!! These ppl with better ideas, should take over the planning!!

  10. IN the Heat and Humidity you have been having ????? Wow not a chance .. I’d like to find a Box of Masks where it is stipulated it will not do any good for the elimination or protection of Covid 19. Nope

  11. I don’t understand why people are angry, just wear one or don’t go. Is it that hard to wear on the bus for maybe 15-20 minutes? Or to go into a store for 10 minutes? A lot of people have serious health issues and have no problem wearing one when needed, myself included. If you don’t wanna wear a mask then don’t, but if a store employee tells you you need one to enter then either put one on or leave – it just doesn’t seem like a difficult concept.. It’s like being mad that someone won’t let you keep your shoes on in THEIR house.

  12. How can you smoke opiods with a mask on so stupid .
    Get your priorities strait and show you care about people no covid19 here and no level 3 detox just disgusting you care about no one

    • You don’t see people smoking opioids in businesses.. grab a brain and use it.. the article stayed because of the summer travel.. people coming to visit from other parts of Canada or going to other parts of Canada and coming back provide a perfect way to reintroduce and spread the virus.. masks will be just another defence in keeping everyone safe.

  13. count me out also! Im not wearing a mask! I don’t need anything at a store that bad! Im also not contributing anything to canaduh in way of taxed purchases or income tax either until this nonsense stops

  14. Yahoooo! Bout time! And for all those ones that “cant” wear a mask because you “can’t” breath….you can certainly use a face shield! $4 at the dollar store. I have severe asthma and that’s what I do! It works perfectly

  15. Well I have never shopped on line or across the river before. I will not wear a mask so I will shop on line and when the border opens up I will shop over there. I will also drive out of the city limits to buy gas only until the border opens, that way I am not supporting these local businesses. I know a lot of people won’t like this but to bad they will get over it.

    • Why would you punish local businesses when it is APH who is saying that face coverings will be required?
      I hate the masks too but I will wear one in order to go into a local small businesses and for the mill market and the farmer’s market. I won’t isolate myself from those places and people just because I have to wear a mask mandated by the APH.

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