Fate of Local DAVIDsTEA In Limbo


DAVIDsTEA will close almost half of its Canadian stores as the retail company restructures.

The company announced on Thursday that 82 of its 186 outlets will close.

The company has not identified as of yet which stores will close including the fate of the Sault Ste. Marie outlet located in the Station Mall.  DAVIDsTEA opened in the mall in 2015.

The company has lost about $93 million in the last three years.

DAVIDsTEA is also closing  45 of its American stores.

The company will continue to sell its products online and at grocery stores and pharmacies.


  1. Station mall is goingvto close in the near future because of sears n walmart gone. The other stores can’t afford the increased rent. The owner is gonna close up and make the mall into condos.

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