Flag Flying Again


Sault Ste. Marie, MI — Lake Superior State University has resumed flying the American flag at its second site, now that adjustments to the pole have been made.

The flagpole in question, adjacent to the Central Heating Plant, is technically a cell tower that, at the top, can fly a flag. The structure, spanning 110 feet tall, is the larger of LSSU’s two locations that fly flags. The other, an actual flagpole in the middle of Pleger Commons, a grassy expanse at the center of campus, has been flying continuously. The flag that LSSU flies on the cell tower stanchion measures 38 feet x 20 feet. The flag on the smaller Pleger Commons flagpole is 8 feet x 5 feet.

“As a U.S. Army veteran, as a former Eagle Scout troop leader, and as the son of a military man, it’s with pride and relief that I can finally declare: Lake Superior State University is again flying the U.S. flag on both of its flagpoles,” said LSSU President Rodney S. Hanley. “Our campus makes a point to do our civic duty and uphold American patriotism.”

The cell tower dates to 2006 and is leased to a vendor. The current merchant wanted to expand services to customers and, therefore, had to modify its lease and upgrade its equipment. Negotiations began in March 2019 and concluded a month later. Finalizing the redesign and securing the technology took several months, as did solving engineering snafus and flag-flying problems along the way. Plus, the long and dangerous winter season in the Upper Peninsula prevented workers from scaling the post then. One of the fixes involved increasing the diameter of the top 324 inches of the pillar from 24 inches to 42 inches to allow the flag to fly.

“I salute the efforts of all involved,” President Hanley concluded.