“Heat Wave” Continues With No End In Sight


There’s no end in sight for the hotter than usual weather we’ve been experiencing for the last week.  In fact, forecasters are saying the hot conditions will remain until at least the middle of the month if not longer.

Officially a heatwave is determined by three consecutive days of 31c or higher. A heat Wave hasn’t been officially called as it normally includes excessive heat created by high humidity and temperatures.  Thus far, humid conditions have not come into play but that could change over the next few days.

The long stretch of hot and dry weather has prompted Environment Canada to  continue to issue a heat warning for the area.  Daytime temperatures are expected to exceed 30c all weekend and most of next week before we see only a slight cooling period developing around the middle of July.

Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma  normally sees daytime temperatures around 22c at this time of year. We’ve been about 8 to 10 degrees above normal for the last two weeks.

Along with the heat, there is a threat of non-severe thunderstorms developing each and every afternoon  as hot air can create unstable conditions  capable of producing  heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening periods.


  1. So great! A global pandemic, mandated mask wearing and 32 degree temperatures. Sounds like a perfect storm for decreased breathing and increased bacteria. Can’t wait until fall and winter, when most of you will be indoors.

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