Heidi Stevenson “Thin Blue Line Flag” Fundraiser

Heidi Stevenson RCMP

Earlier today, I released a video to support an OPP fundraiser for fallen RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson. Heidi lost her life tragically in the recent mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

The controversy around the OPP fundraiser is the Thin Blue Line Canadian flag flying in front of the OPP Union building. The OPP is selling the flags to raise money for Heidi’s family during this tough time. The flag has been flying since June 29 (2020). So far, the OPP raised over $100,000 for Heidi’s family.

Recently, the US version of the Thin Blue Line flag was politicized in pro-police rallies in America. I never mention the Black Lives Matter movement during the video. I say that all lives matter, which is what I believe.

I discussed bad apples within the police and all professions. I mention the police are not perfect and patrol some areas more than others. This leads to disproportionate arrests in some communities. I said that people are free to protest peacefully for whatever they want.

All the bad apples will never be removed from any profession.


  1. Listen man, “all lives matter” was made in a direct response to the black lives matter movement, so to say that you never mentioned it is irrelevant because saying all lives matter is dismissive to the very important movement #BLM ; that is not only happening in america as you mentioned, but globally and here in all of Canada. This is all to raise money for the family of this officer may she rest in peace, but let’s be real here over 100, 000 $ raised is more than enough. So you sitting there and spouting your ignorant anger to us all, the public, as you hold her dead body up as an excuse to perpetuate your very (as my colleague Mx.Zuke mentioned) incendiary “opinion” piece is just beyond shameful. And I am genuinely disturbed that these ideas hold sway up here in on the shell of our beloved Turtle Island. There is no such thing as Blue Lives. Agents of the state, the same as a post mistress or firefighters, a job that you choose. Folx of colour can’t take their skin off at the end of the day. And the blue boys are disproportionately targeting the brown boys, and girls. Do you see where we stand now? When you drive on the highway, do you ever catch a glimpse of a red dress in the treeline? That dress represents just one of the lives of missing or murdered indigenous women and children. Many of our so called “line of blue” that keep us safe, are abducting raping and murdering these children and young women. S.S.M and Thunder Bay in particular are some of the largest port areas for human trafficking in Ontario. One highway in Canada, how do you think they get from coast to coast to coast without passing through? So instead of shouting about non existent blue lives mattering, why not just look around to your community for once, and listen. P.S #BlackLivesMatter #Antifa #LGBTQ2+ #DefundThePolice 1333 apples. 1000 good apples that protect the 333 bad apples = 1333 ROTTEN apples. The roots of the tree are as rotten as the fruit that it bears.

  2. Doesn’t matter what you say when it comes to this Chris people will always twist things around and trash talk you… As long as you stay true and support the life and happiness of everyone don’t listen to the mumbling fools……

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