Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Joins Forces With Staples Once Again


The Staples Back to School Program in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore are once again holding their fundraising event to making going back to school easier.

The money raised will be turned into basic school supplies such as writing supplies, binder accessories, notebooks, agenda’s, back packs, lined paper pads and planners for elementary school children in both our local school boards.

Even with the uncertainty of the upcoming school year because of the COVID19 situation it is important that we not deprive the young minds of the tools they need for learning whether in class or at home. There is always a need and Staples and Kiwanis are trying to do what they can to support that need.

Supplies are distributed by the school boards to the schools that have the greatest need.

Please give generously and help support this longstanding program.  We need your support especially during these uncertain times.

Donations this year will be received inside the Staples store with any of the cashiers and as well online donations are accepted!

Click here to donate: