Letter: What a contradiction


Dear M.P. Sheehan, M.P.P. Romano, Mayor and Council,

I am so dismayed to read this news that our Federal govt through the Canada Border Service Agency, is going to permit daily crossings into the U.S. at Sault Ste Marie,  waiving the current requirement of a 14 day quarantine by those re-entering Canada.

Upon reading of this I feel CBSA has just taken the health of Sault Canadians and thrown us over the International Bridge to drown.

Think for a minute of the impact of all the Sault Canadian students commuting daily and  returning to Sault Canada and interacting with all of their family, friends and carrying on their business across the community?

This while Chippewa County and every part of Michigan (where other students hail from), are reporting increased positive cases of Corona virus.

After all the efforts undertaken by you Mr. Mayor and City Council and APH and most Saultites, to use care and caution, this action by this Federal body can only be described as reckless and very dismaying.

Did anyone ask us as citizens of Sault Canada if we want our young people (or any aged student), given this option to be put at this risk and bring that risk back to our community – daily?

The article describes the request as from LSSU, well of course it is!  Why is CBSA seeking to accommodate this American entity vs being mandated to maintain it’s own Canadian govt regulation?  Who authorized this???

The article states only 20% of LSSU classes are available on line.

Clearly the temptation for our 80 Sault Canadian students is great to choose to cross that border – everyday or to be denied their education of choice at LSSU.

I appeal to our MPP Romano as Minister of Colleges and Universities.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to reach out to these students and see if our own Algoma University could meet their need.

Folks, this is a double whammy.

On one hand we want to promote every aspect of our Sault Canada businesses and organizations and of course that includes Sault College and Algoma U.

And yet, not only on the health front is this action by the Federal CBSA going to most assuredly cost many of us as we will be exposed to this new risk, but it is doing zip economically for Sault Canada while indeed supporting LSSU financially.

Please note that the article states classes will resume in early August, this while our country is supposed to still be protected by a closed border.

What a contradiction.

It is worrisome to hear from the Dean of Admissions and Marketing (I repeat…Marketing!!), Statements such as “Anyone who shows symptoms of novel coronavirus later in the academic year will be OFFERED a test,” said Pierce.

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you to intercede on this matter and to continue to advocate for the safety of Sault Canadians as the paramount motivation – even above the personal choice of post education.

Thank you, Susan J. Myers


EDITOR’S NOTE: When this letter was first published a technical problem prevented the article link from showing up.  It has since been corrected.


  1. I agree with this letter. How dare they risk all of the work we have done to be responsible and stop the virus . I do not care what LSSU wants.The border should remain closed . Young people everywhere have shown a lack of responsibility to engage in safe behaviours regarding Covid limitations. Shame on Romano.

  2. Trouble is the story isn’t true.

    As much as LSSU wishes it so, the feds HAVE NOT given an exemption for local students crossing to take courses.

    Both Romano and Sheehan have issued statements indicating that.

  3. So has this person sent a similar note to CBSA, her MP, the Minister of Immigration and the PM for Canada continuing to allow fake refugees to walk across the border from New York State into Quebec at Roxham Road?
    That certainly seems like a contradiction when I – a Canadian – is barred from entering the Martimes provinces because I don’t live there.
    Has she sent a letter wondering about the contradiction of allowing flights from China to continue despite it being the source of this deadly virus?
    I am sure the CBSA has discussed this with Health Canada and the APH prior to making this decision or perhaps not since they don’t seem to have a problem with Roxham Road.
    Maybe, to keep herself busy, she can send another letter to the editor about banning back yard fires.

  4. Folks you will see on the comments here, that the ones posted say “report comment”. However if you mention any of the other media outlets you will note the comment says “moderated” and thus it does not appear. My letter to the editor was sent to all the local media and did link the story I was referring to however this media did not allow it to appear.

  5. Susan. If you are going to make claims that you say you read in an article you could at least link to it. I see no such article on Sootoday, Saultstar, sault onlin,e cbc, ctv, nor on the CBSA site

    • Bob, I did submit the link to the Sault Star with the article. I suspect SaultOnLine did not include it as it is a revival media outlet.

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