Making a summer tradition work in 2020. Here is our challenge:


Eating together as a family is one of our greatest summer traditions.  Barbeques, eating outdoors, taking our picnic baskets and coolers filled with special delights and finding that perfect place to sit and relax with family. Like everything else this year, this tradition is even more special now that some of us can finally get together as a family.  With limitations of course, but let us make the best of it, especially with our August long weekend just around the corner.

TKC is always ready for a gathering, even if we are not with you, except in spirit.  Do not let this tradition pass you by.  If you are able gather with family safely, or even over zoom or facetime, have that family outing.  Get outside in the sun and warm weather.  Be among the flowers, trees and the occasional ant and break bread.

Let us know how it goes.  We would like to see how many families, both near and far, participate in this.  So, between August 1 and August 9th send us pictures of your gathering.  Let us see those smiling faces, and maybe some fun games as you gather.  We are not asking for you to break away from the required social distancing, just do it however you can.  You never know, you may start a new tradition, or record a special moment that reflects the 2020 reality.

Our goal is to hear from 25 families, so make it happen!!!

Send your photos in to Tanna Elliott at [email protected] or through our Facebook page at