Mayor Provenzano On Masking Now In Effect


Statement from Mayor Provenzano

Sault Ste. Marie, ON (2020 07 17) – Mayor Christian Provenzano offers the following statement on the masking instructions now in effect in the Algoma District:

Algoma Public Health’s (APH) masking instructions take effect today. Businesses and organizations throughout our community have to implement a policy that requires employees and members of the public to wear a mask when they enter and remain in an enclosed space. So as of today, all of the employers and organizations in our community will be asking each of us, with some exceptions, to wear a mask when we enter their premises. I encourage everyone to learn about APH’s masking instructions at:

I have confidence in APH’s judgment and I support APH’s masking instructions. I believe the masking instructions are timely and I believe they give us a better chance of minimizing the impact of the virus in our community. As we move into Stage 3 of the Province’s reopening plan, most businesses and organizations in our community will be open. As a result, more people will be out and about and interacting with one another. There is emerging evidence that masking is helpful to limit and slow the spread of COVID-19 and while the internet and social media can always be counted on to provide contradictory opinions, I encourage everyone to pay the closest attention to our own public health professionals. Those public health professionals are clearly asking us to wear masks.

If we are not careful and if we do not take every reasonable precaution possible as we move into the next stage of the Province’s reopening plan, we could see a surge in cases. A surge in cases can lead to a step back. None of us wants to take a step back. We have worked too hard and made too many sacrifices to see that happen. Working together and following APH’s advice has got us to where we are today, let’s not stop now:

1.                   If you have any symptoms, stay home and self-isolate; and,

2.                   If you are out, physical distance; and,

3.                   Wear a non-medical mask inside public places; and,

4.                   Keep track of your social interaction; and,

5.                   Wash your hands.


If each of us commit to do these things and ask our friends and family to do these things, we keep each other safe and we give our community its best chance of succeeding. We have done this to date, so let’s continue and let’s not lose sight of the fact that this is a challenging time for all of us.  Many people are struggling so let’s do our collective best to be patient, kind and supportive of each other.


  1. I’ve never witnessed such bs in my life. It’s all about fear controlling people. It started in the China labs and the border from China to the states was locked down IN JANUARY!! so now every death taken place from march-now is counted as a covid death!? Fyi corona is just a cover up for Trudeas crimes against humanity!

  2. Ridiculous. Canada is doing everything ass-backward for crying out loud. Taiwan and S. Korea’s economies did not shutdown or bankrupt the businesses.

  3. The special people that are exempt for whatever medical reason don’t need to wear a mask – ok, we get it. Try directing your energy to educate those that are refusing to wear masks for unfounded and unproven reasons – they are a threat to you!

    • Imagine a simple act people could do to help protect others from getting the virus? Virtually every study shows the effectiveness in cloth coverings in lowering transmission rates.

      But wait, instead of being considerate and just wearing a mask, there are people like you on here crying about how the virus isnt “that bad”. You truly look silly!!

      • How can this virus be this bad when tens of thousands of people went protesting in Ontario for weeks with a very few wearing masks absolutely no social distancing and shouting and yelling thus sending how many zillions of these little spit balls all over everybody and everything and our numbers went down. Something doesn’t pass the smell taste here.

        • Agreed there frankie, quit testing, there will be less cases, most people probably already had it and didn’t even know it!!! A virus with a 1% fatality rate is not bad enough to shut country down, something else is afoot here, how many of those cases were actually just the regular flu!!!!! Or how many people died waiting for elective surgeries, which were canceled!!!

    • Rebecca Jennifer how so? By providing stats??? Lol is that the best you covidiots got??? I provide proof and you say I’m lacking education ha ha it says right on the box of masks they don’t stop covid but I guess because the media said so you will believe it

    • Frank Montagna …no, this is a new one….therefore they are going to test whether it’s Covid or common flu and treat it accordingly…not hard to figure it out

    • Frank Montagna 8835/109516=.08067.
      The case fatality rate is 8.1% in Canada. Not counting the people that have it but are still dying from it.
      You suck at math.

    • Frank Montagna Population is not relevant to the case fatality rate.
      You have no statistics to show what your odds of getting the virus are or are not.
      You are making up statistics based on incomplete data, as there is no way of knowing the crude fatality rate until the pandemic is well over and all the deaths and cases have been counted.
      If you had any real understanding of science you would know this already.

    • Cases are 109,000 and deaths are 8835. That is 8%.
      Your odds of getting seriously ill go down dramatically if masks are worn according to two recent studies. One involved an outbreak aboard a ship, and another was in a hair salon which two infected hairdressers who both wore masks.
      The severity of the disease is now known to be directly related to the virus load you get when you do catch it.
      Try to keep up man.
      There will be more I’m sure.

    • Frank Montagna Nobody is talking about crude fatality because the virus is not done. Case fatality is actually a month behind the cases,
      You can choose to be anything you want in Facebook. It is not really surprising that you choose to be stupid.
      What would be really surprising would be if you actually had a job.
      You strike me as the sort that just depends on others to support him, while contributing nothing useful to society.

    • Charlie Lamble well you idiot the flu virus is not done and that’s how we look at fatality over population this virus isn’t done either you can sit and try to skew your numbers however .024 of the Canadian population has died form it that’s simple math and cannot be refuted

    • Frank Montagna Of course that is true. That is not the odds of dying from it though.
      You don’t know the difference between percentages and odds.
      The odds have bee bettered through mitigation, but not by you..
      Most everyone else stopped working and stayed home. You did what you always did. Stayed home.
      We all hope you will continue to stay home and let us know when your welfare cheque comes in so we can stay home that day.

  4. Get over the communism crap. There is center – right and center left. One is only about the economy and individualism, the other is the economy and social responsibility. Who cares if your kid dies, my kid is ok or It takes a village to raise a child, all children deserve to be safeguarded. Stop dividing your nation – you are destroying your country

    • Lisa Wilson I’ll let you know after tonight, lol. I wd expect that once you’re at your table, you can remove the mask…in going to the bar or restroom for example, you’d don the mask again…easy peasy

  5. If everyone would have worn the mask when recommended there would be no need to make it mandatory. We have proven that we can’t take care of ourselves so now government has to step in to make sure we do.

  6. “Starting today, APH is recommending wearing a mask whenever you use transit, go shopping or any organization.”

    So which is it mandatory or a recommendation? I’ve been in 3 stores today none of which required masks…had no signs posted and no dirty looks lol.

  7. Power and control!Get over yourselves and let us live our friggin lives !Not everyone is happy about the mandate !Fear is making people crawl in a hole and too scared to come out !Im one of the Not Happy frig all here !😭🙏🙏for this country!

    • Ruby Beharriell say bye bye Christian next election you can fool some people sometimes.
      But you can’t fool all the people all the time 😂😤😤😤
      Actions speak louder than words

  8. If you want to give Sault a better chance of success you better get a shovel in the ground and start building a level 3 detox .
    The city is in turmoil not because of a mask

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