Most Businesses Prepared For Stage 3 Reopening

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A recent GoDaddy survey commissioned by Logit Group found that small business owners are remaining optimistic. In fact, the survey revealed 73% of Canadian small business owners feel prepared to make the necessary changes needed to reopen to the public.

With Algoma moving into stage 3 of reopening this Friday, small business owners will continue to pivot and show their resilience. Over the past few months, entrepreneurs have learned to overcome many challenges including changes in consumer behaviour, issues in their supply chain and paying employees and rent.

The survey revealed:

· Only 9% of small businesses say they are unprepared to reopen safely

· 88% of business owners will continue to shop locally after the economy opens

· 69% of small business owners say ordering products and services online is the best way for Canadians to support local businesses as they reopen

· 37% of small businesses plan to maintain their online presence even after they can physically open

· Prior to the shut down, about half of small businesses had websites and a social media presence and an additional 25% of entrepreneurs have now created a website


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