Norgoma To Leave The Sault , Finds New Home Elsewhere

M.S. Norgoma
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

The City may have a buyer for the M.S. Norgoma.

At Monday’s council meeting , councillors will decided to accept an offer of just $2,500 for the vessel that was moved last year to a dock behind Algoma Steel.

The Norgoma has been operated by The St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre, a volunteer board that was financed through the city for approximately $15,000 a year. Council decided two years ago it would no longer fund the operation and the board failed to come up a feasible business plan to continue to operate the ship as a “tourist attraction”

Council deemed the ship an eyesore on the waterfront and seized the ship in 2019 and moved the vessel to a temporary home  .

The Norgoma being moved last June
Facebook: Jim Bonnie Boissineau

With City Council approval, Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. will work to finalize and secure approval from the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula to secure a berth for the M.S. Norgoma within the harbour in Tobermory, ON. The City and Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. are aligned in the goal to relocate the vessel as soon as possible and are aiming to complete the relocation this shipping season.

Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. will pay the City $2,500.00 for the vessel under the terms of the Asset Purchase agreement and will be responsible for the relocation costs of the vessel.Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. has offered to cover half the rent should any delays be experienced beyond this season.

This action is recommended by city staff.



  1. Would have saved over 50K by simply not moving it…50K for the move plus tax and then paying to park it at Algoma Steel was all wasted money for no good reason…the precious dock improvements which are only enjoyed by a few could have waited, but don’t worry about it city council…it’s not like it was your money you wasted…it was ours!

  2. Already on land different story…you need a permit to do anything the absolute mess, noise & smell not just visual junk ..their liability now. bravo Council.

  3. People always complain about the lack of things to do in the Sault. No vision results in lost opportunities. I would be willing to bet those saying that the ship should be cut up and destroyed , in all probability have no knowledge of the history of the Sault or the Great Lakes. For many education is a lost cause.

    How many Saultites have never travelled anywhere but profess to know everything about everything and a whole lot more. There is a stagnant mentality that hates everything, yet unwilling to actually make changes.
    I see city council is looking to fork over a $100,000 to have a Trana group tell them how to increase tourism. Says a lot about the folks running the show at the renovated city hall.

    Born and raised in the Sault and I made the right decision to move elsewhere in 1986. Each time I returned I was more than content to know I had made the right decision.

    Expecting that the tiny city will ever be anything more that what it is is a joke.

    • It has nearly no history here in the Sault. It has more history in Tobermory. They are basically bringing the ship home as it used to operate there. It spent almost 25 years in operation there before being replaced by the MS Chi-Cheemaun. After that it was basically beached here as a museum piece, but had very little history with the Sault itself but for some reason a few people wanted to keep it here.

  4. Some have vision, imagination.

    Others don’t.

    Tobermory, Thunder Bay have vision.

    Becoming destinations.


    Splash pads, Yoga mats.

    • So some people with boats (all rich southerners?) and the Mayor got together to make this happen? You need to add another sheet of tin foil to make your hat bigger.

  5. When the City Council that WE financially support, could get approx $140,000.00 at conservative scrap prices?
    $2,500 wont pay for the departmental paperwork. Am I missing something here? If it was pulled into a large enough slip somewhere, it’d make one helluva B&B.

  6. all of you who want it back or are complaining, why didn’t you buy it or put in a bid and get it off the taxpayers backs….oh yeah….you are keyboard warriors who do nothing but complain and offer no tangible solution

  7. City council has their heads screwed on backwards…. Aside from the fact they should have left it alone where it was., the city’s costs to move the ship were estimated at $50,000 and then end up selling it for $2500? I hate to say it, but with the way this city is bleeding money lately, they should have sold it to Algoma Steel. At >1400 Tonnes and a modest scrap steel price of $100 per tonne, that totals $140,000…

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