Ontario government to announce plans for back-to-school in September today


TORONTO — Ontario is logging fewer than 100 new cases of COVID-19 for a second day in a row, with 89 new cases reported today.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says 28 of the province’s 34 public health units are reporting five or fewer cases, with 17 reporting no new ones.

She says the number of people in hospital, in intensive care and on a ventilator all went down.

Elliott says the province was able to complete more than 27,600 tests the previous day.

The numbers come as the province is set to announce plans for reopening schools in September later today.

Today’s announcement takes place just six weeks before back-to-school season and a week before the province’s 72 school boards were initially asked to have their plans for the academic year submitted to the province.

The province had previously asked school boards to prepare for three scenarios come September: regular in-class instruction with physical-distancing measures in place, full-time remote learning, and a hybrid model blending both approaches.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce initially expressed a preference for the hybrid model, which would see no more than 15 students in class attending on alternating days or weeks.

More recently, he expressed a preference for full-time, in-class learning.

Government opposition critics, school boards and unions alike have said that if classes are to resume full time, the province will have to significantly increase spending on education so that staff and students can be kept safe from COVID-19.


  1. There will always be people who say this should not be happening. If it is done peoperly we should be fine.

    My biggest concern is how many airlines including some Canadian ones are allowed to stop respecting the requirement for social distancing.

    Sure, people will be wearing masks. But, on many flights, especially the international ones landing in various major cities in Canada from several foreign countries, it is a fact that some passengers are infected with COVID-19. (CTV reported at least 26 such occurrences in a 2 week period.) These airlines will serve some form of beverage like water and snacks. And people will use washrooms. The masks will be off at times. And, it is a fact that people do NOT self isolate on arrival.

    Airlines brought this here. They will keep it going.

    WEALTH BEFORE HEALTH … who in government is benefiting by allowing this?

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