Ontario NDP calls on government to boost funding for school reopenings


BRAMPTON, Ont. — Ontario’s official Opposition is renewing calls for the government to increase education funding so schools can safely reopen in September.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath made the comments at a press conference in Brampton, Ont., on Friday.

She says students should be in class full time, but argues schools will need an infusion of cash in order to let students return safely.

Horwath says the province should provide money so that students can maintain enough physical distance to protect against COVID-19.

On Thursday, Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the province would unveil its school reopening plan next week, which he says will include “additional supports and resources to enable our boards to succeed.”

But Horwath contends that won’t come soon enough, saying that if she were in charge, she’d already be hiring teachers and looking for extra classroom space.

“During this pandemic, parents have been doing the superhuman work of juggling parenting, working from home and supporting kids with at-home learning,” Horwath said. “Knowing how incredibly difficult that’s been, I’m shocked that Doug Ford appears not to be taking any action at all to get enough safe, small classrooms ready so every child can go back to school in the fall.”

School boards have been sounding the alarm about the cost of reopening, with the chair of the Halton District School Board saying that as it stands, it could cost the organization $2 million per month just for masks.

Andrea Grebenc said her schools simply can’t operate full-time with the funding that has currently been promised by the provincial government. The province has only committed to $56 million in extra funding provincewide, she said, which would leave her board with less than a million dollars if the funding were split equally.



  1. all the kids are going to get covid they wont care this is about them wanting to make money if Andrea was smart she would be telling ford to keep the schools closed

  2. I wish this NDP lady would retire. It is so easy to sit and complain when she knows her party will never form an Ontario government again. No matter what Ford does she is right there complaining. Of course there will be money for schools Andrea. Ford is doing a great job and that irritates her to no end.

  3. How much more does she want? Ford has already committed millions in additional funding and to building new schools. It’s not the premier’s job to micromanage each individual school board and hire teachers. Where does she think the extra money is going to come from? The province is beyond broke after 15 years of Liberal debt accumulation and now COVID has stretched they ability to borrow. How much can the taxpayers afford?

    • Michael Bizier the $500 million they bragged about the other day was not new Covid funding like they let on it was. It’s old money from capital funds already slated for renos and new builds. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Right…🙄 so if more than half a billion additional funds aren’t satisfactory and more announcements are anticipated this week how much should the provincial government make available? How high would you like your taxes? And what other services would you cut to make it work?

    • Frank Montagna how are kids fine? You don’t have any do you? They get covid just as anyone else does, only the studies show that the get complications in some cases, ones that may be life long , and put a strain on the health system that will need more funding. If you are so sure this virus is so benign, go and volunteer to be infected with it for the vaccine trials. Put your money where your convictions are!

    • MacDonal Robinson I do have kids and all studies and reports state that kids don’t transmit and rarely get sick and more harm is done by them not being in schools

    • Where do you get your info…that was months ago…recent studies show they transmit as well if not better than adults due to the fact they can’t understand not touching each other…a symptomatic children have been developing multi organ problems and dying…recent cases have been in Texas…so go sign up for the tests and prove us all wrong…if you so sure this all hype, that should shut us up

    • Try stopping your…it’s says lower risk…not that they are fine…transmission may be low, they haven’t been able to study it, and there has to be low community transmission…and this is for the United States, where most children only get healthy meals at school, not from home

    • Kurk Walter this is good …but it is also based on before March 12 closures, when for some countries covid infection was also low, and before it was a pandemic…so you are right it is a small sample, and they even warn it may not prove true in the article…without further study, should we risk our children’s lives

    • This was also issued in back in May

      Acute inflammatory illness in children temporally linked to COVID-19
      An acute inflammatory illness has recently been reported in a small number of children worldwide,
      temporally associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical presentations include persistent fever
      and features suggestive of Kawasaki disease (complete or incomplete), toxic shock-like syndrome,
      euvolemic shock states, and severe gastrointestinal illness. Severe myocardial dysfunction and
      multiple organ failure have also been reported. While rare, clinicians should be aware of this
      potential syndrome and maintain a high index of suspicion to identify cases.
      Laboratory signs of systemic inflammation include raised C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum
      ferritin levels, neutrophilia, and lymphopenia. Nasal swab tests may be positive or negative for
      SARS-CoV-2. A comprehensive history to identify confirmed or potential COVID-19 contacts
      should be obtained, and antibody testing (including on convalescent serum) and stool polymerase
      chain reaction (PCR) testing should be considered. Recognizing that these tests are not easily
      available to all, paediatricians may want to contact their local laboratories to discuss storing serum
      for future testing.
      Some patients have deteriorated quickly and have required intensive care unit admission for
      vasopressors and mechanical ventilation. In addition to supportive care (often including broad-
      spectrum antibiotics), patients have been treated with corticosteroids, intravenous immune
      globulin, and anakinra or tocilizumab depending on the clinical situation and disease severity.
      Cardiac function should be measured and monitored frequently, including electrocardiogram,
      echocardiogram, and serum troponin. Discussions with colleagues from infectious diseases,
      rheumatology, immunology, cardiology, and intensive care should take place.
      The Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program COVID-19 surveillance case definition is being
      modified to capture cases of this hyperinflammatory syndrome (including cases without
      microbiological confirmation of COVID-19). This change in case definition is set to be in place by
      next week. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to keep a log of potential cases and to report all
      instances of this hyperinflammatory syndrome as soon as the electronic platform permits.
      Thank you to Dr. Ron Laxer from The Hospital for Sick Children for providing content for this
      public health alert.

      It is only a potential link between covid and complications…but it means they have a correlation and are studying it due to the worrisome data.

    • Frank Montagna if I wanted to lie I would tell everyone that everything is fine, the world is getting better, you have nothing to worry about…but I look at the numbers that are going up, in the world and in our own country ( look at Alberta, they are 3 weeks further into reopening than we are, and are leading in cases per capital), I see the results in countries that went even further into lockdown and have almost no cases…so no I am not going to lie, I am going to continue fighting everyone that thinks this is not serious, and are willing to risk people for their own ego

    • MacDonal Robinson you realize schools are opened in other countries right and have not seen these massive infections your assumptions are simply wrong and you are one person with no poof going against the CDC lol I’ll believe them over your gut feelings

    • Frank Montagna you haven’t believed them over anything else, ie masks so why do you start now? I never assumed massive infections, I just have said your claim of kids being fine is false…even your cdc post doesn’t claim children will be fine, it just says it’s lower risk ..and the other schools in the world are using mandatory testing, distancing and cohorting…all things being proposed for Ontario, but we won’t know until after the 4th what we are going to do, this not the wholesale opening of schools with out precautions that you seem to be advocating

    • MacDonal Robinson because their is proof children are not dying nor spreading the proof is in the science their is no science behind the mask you can google how they work

    • Frank Montagna cdc says mask help slow or stop spread, not proof…says kids can go to school and it’s proof…that’s cherry picking what you want to believe from a source you are trusting…and in other posts cdc mask proof has been posted…you just don’t like it…and children not spreading has not been proved, only thing that has been proved is that they don’t usually show symptoms…that’s show not don’t have

    • MacDonal Robinson no studies were done on the kids why is this so hard for your to understand? Other countries have kids back in school and do some more research your fears are about 3 months old

    • So i did…did you read the rest of the stuff…I did…if you did you would see they aren’t recommending full scale school, and are giving examples of low, medium, and high risk scenarios…high risk is send them all back to school…for anybody interested here is the page on the cdc website….


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