Opinion: Bye, Bye Miss American Pie


By Peter Chow

It may be counterproductive commenting on Trump. He thrives on any attention or drama; mainly dysfunctional attention and drama. He monopolizes the news cycle. He realizes that it is beneficial to his interests to have any type of media publicity, even if it is totally negative – negative publicity to him is better than no publicity at all. Day after day, it is a new distraction in the news cycle, to divert attention from his most odious criminal corrupt acts and his most shocking failings.

Trump has exhausted our capacity for outrage.

It is up to US citizens with a US vote to get him out of office. The entire world has accepted that the orange menace is a reality TV carnival barker, a con man. It was too easy to con the hard-core base that foisted him upon the world – it will be far more difficult to convince them that they have been conned.

Trump has lifted the curtain and exposed the ugliest aspects of America, the most egregiously deplorable section of the American electorate. History will not be kind to 45, his administration, his sycophantic GOP enablers or his base of supporters.

The majority of Trump voters voted for him not so much for what he stood for, certainly not for his intellect, his mastery of economics or international affairs or his vision for the nation, but because he feared and hated the same people and things they feared and hated.

The 20th century was the age of American exceptionalism, when Americans still believed in a Manifest Destiny, that they were God’s chosen nation. That century is over. Trump has ripped off the scab and revealed the ugly dark side of America. Sadly, Trump has revealed the fatal basic flaws of America.

We grew up being taught that America was the paragon of good and virtue. We believed the false narrative that the USA rescued the world from Nazi fascism in World War ll, when it was actually the Russians who did the bulk of the heavy lifting. We cheered American athletes at the Olympics when they bested Russian competitors. We hero-worshipped Sergeant Alvin York and Audie Murphy and John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. Entire classrooms in high school cried tears of joy for America during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

America began losing its moral compass during its deserved defeat in Vietnam – the day the Music died. This has been steadily compounded by a series of failed military adventures since then, a series of wars usually involving oil.

4 years of Trump has left America angry, deeply, bitterly divided and greatly, possibly irreversibly, diminished. The US has abrogated its role as the leader of democracy and morality of Western civilization, a role it is not going to recapture. The rest of the world’s developed countries, the EU, the UK, Canada, Australia are never going to look at the US the same way ever again.

The US is the only country in the world, except for Saudi Arabia and a few other autocratic countries, that doesn’t seem to realize the true nature of this asshole and his asshole family, and the impact of this president’s behaviour on the globe.

If America wants to be a globally isolated, pseudo-democratic fascist-wannabe state, with a president whom the rest of the world doesn’t take seriously, it is up to the American electorate, and the aspirations of the American population. It is hard to believe he is still in office. US citizens complain about him constantly, but nothing, even impeachment, removes this inept buffoon/criminal from office, and his trailer-trash family from the White House.

If you believe in prayer, pray for America on November 3.



  1. First off, look at your own Gov’t at the moment, the Libranos are very corrupt, lying despots! I would take Trump for my PM anyday, we would have oil in the west going to the east instead of taking months by ship, our resources would be harvested and manufactured in Canada instead of sending them to other countries and buying it back, our immigration levels would be brought to a lower amount Canadians agree with, manufacturing jobs would be created instead of sending them to other countries like China, wouldn’t let other countries take our jobs to tender it would be given to Canadian companies first, our military/veterans would be better taken care of instead of telling them they are asking for more than the Gov’t can give….turdeaus words not mine, my dear sir, Petie, are full of shxt and an axxhole I would take trump over turdeau anyday, any time. If you want to know who is causing all the trouble and division in the states right now, ask the Democrats its them!!!!!

  2. Really, why not speak about our PM and his failures .. I would rather Trump any day over Justin Trudeau and his crime family !

  3. Also, trump isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. July 9th he posted this on twitter:
    “For the 1/100th time, the reason we show so many Cases, compared to other countries that haven’t done nearly as well as we have, is that our TESTING is much bigger and better. We have tested 40,000,000 people. If we did 20,000,000 instead, Cases would be half, etc. NOT REPORTED!”

  4. Unfortunately he has also brought out the deplorables in Canada as evidenced by some of the comments . We are witnessing the fall of a once great nation brought about by the citizens themselves and it is not pretty . The ugly underbelly has been exposed and it is not pretty.

  5. Well said! Thank you Peter!

    I never paid attention to trump or U.S. politics until he became president. From that point, I would on occasion lurk on his twitter feed. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t believe my eyes and thinking to myself “did he actually post that?”, “did the president of the states really post that?”, “is that real?”. I started becoming more and more obsessed when he was inviting and visiting leaders from N. Korea, Saudi, Turkey, etc. Talk about scary!! I’ve learned all I want to learn about trump and his twisted family. I’ve watched while he literally turned, and continues to divide, Americans against each other. I’ve watched while he’s had rubber bullets shot and tear gassed his own citizens who were peacefully protesting so he could have a photo op of himself holding up a bible (really??). Unbelievable. I’ve watched as he completely ignored covid-19, took zero leadership while the number of people in the U.S. getting covid and dying climbed and climbed. I’ve watched him say absolutely nothing regarding George Floyd and the BLM movement. I’ve watched him insult and fire and disrespect U.S. veterans, military service members. The list just goes on and on. He makes me sick. I’ve reached a point where I can barely stand to read his posts or hear anything about him any more. I check his twitter account less frequently now because I just can’t stand him. I do get great joy and often a good belly laugh from some of the comments/videos/memes though 🙂 If he gets re-elected, look out. I am glad that some republicans are speaking out lately.

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