Sault Councillor Rips President Trump On Border Issue


Sault Ste. Marie City Council have no power to close or open the International border, however they do endorse the Federal Governments decision to keep the border closed for the time being.

With COVID-19 soaring in the U.S. , with numbers now reaching 70,000 new cases daily, the U.S. President, Donald Trump is pushing to re-open the economy and wants Canada to re-open the border.

The council meeting being held virtually via zoom allowed councillors to chime in their views on the subject including Ward 5 councillor, Corey Gardi who ripped on the U.S. President for not having a “strategic plan” to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus cases as the President is urging the states to reopen.

“The country is led by, you know, what I qualify as a buffoon, that’s me speaking…” Gardi continued, “most recently he has taken more time to attacking the credibility of one of his leading infectious disease experts rather than taking the time to making sure his citizens are protected.”

348 new cases were reported in Michigan on Monday with a total of 69,338 confirmed cases and over 6,000 deaths in Michigan alone.

“the (the President) seems more focused on winning a national election and federally, the border is controlled by Mr. Trump and his administration, we as a country, a province and a community and our citizens have managed to navigate this pandemic with considerably more coherence and success than the United States.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau closed the border until July 21st, Trudeau says border discussions with the U.S. are “ongoing,” adding that he expects to have more to say later in the week.


  1. COUNCILLOR Gardi should be resigning from Council .Why is it ok for Liberals to apoligize for their rudeness and getting away with disrespecting the Office of the President of The USA.
    MAYOR of the Michigan Soo was cordial in his response. COREY Gardi gets off the hook by saying I’m sorry.
    This is not Kindergarten this is the real world.Apoligizing for what,he is a Person who is a VP of a Catholic School ,a sitting member of council. An employee of The Catholic School board who should be removed from front his position and fired.
    This type of hatred should not have been coming from this position of authority. This is inappropriate behaviour of VP of a Catholic School .As a Catholic Ratepayer I demand his resignation .

  2. As Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, MI, it is my privilege to refer to members of the Sault Ste. Marie, ON City Council as colleagues and friends. As communities, we are unique- we have many shared characteristics but with our differences we are able to complement one another. We share more than just a border, many of us have family and friends on both sides of the river. When I see insults, from/toward either city, it makes me very sad as I have always felt at home in either community. We are all in this COVID-19 situation together and need to work together to get through it. We certainly understand your border concerns- we have them too.

    I had a great conversation with Mayor Provenzano today and also received a warm letter of apology for the unfortunate disrespect for our nation’s President that was shown at the Council meeting . I accept the apology on behalf of our City Commission and appreciate his efforts to try to protect the City of Sault Ste Marie, ON.

    With warm regards, Don Gerrie

  3. Mr. Gardi
    If you’re going to represent the Sault and its people show respect when you open your mouth about the President of the U.S. You and others may not agree with his policies but many others do, we all have opinions and need to be respectful when articulating them.

  4. Now that they have passed their mask by-law when does council get their butts back into council chambers Mr. Gardi?
    Time to come out of hiding folks we are in stage 3 and the rest of us are braving this new normal face to face and mask to mask. Go do your jobs at the place where you should and not hiding on a computer.
    So easy Mr. Gardi to throw stones but you live in a glass house.
    Time council to get back to business. If not is this somehow Trumps fault?

  5. To Trumphole, the comment is fake news, etc, etc, etc. Great job, Trudeau, with the best decision for the most United America: Canada!!!! Change your name to simply S.A., now, guys. You have never been united.

  6. Like Councillor Manzo would say ,”Who does this Carpet Bagger think he is..?” What has this career Politician Cory Gardi Done,whoop ti do ,he is a VP, a local Catholic school
    Conservation Authority.
    A well educated person,who should know better than to insult the President of The United States by calling Him a Buffoon.
    We here in Sault Ste Marie having wives and family members who live in the USA.We have a City Council Member WHO has constituents who have family members in the USA and great friends in the Michigan Soo.
    Councillor Corey Gardi ,you have not only embarassed yourself by your comment ,it has cause great harm to our American Families and Friends.
    I suggest that because of your display of hatred ,you used in calling President Trump a Buffoon.This just shows that you are unworthy of your position as a City and Ward Councillor .As a Roman Catholic ,and a Eurcharistic Minister you show know better in displaying your political view in such a manner .As a taxpayer and an elector ,I find that this type of behaviour is unacceptable on city council..You not only disgraced this city ,you because of your comment it has Disgraced our Country .As a Catholic man you also disgraced my Church .I only want to see your resignation on the Mayors Desk as soon as possible

    • I actually agree with you Jeff. Notnsure why they wasted time debating a federal issue. My point was that i am impressed Gardi wasnt trying to just be politically correct and said what the majority thinks. I agree about the debate being useless though

  7. HEADLINE NEWS : Wow, a city councillor from SSM, Ontario has decided to climb on his home made pedestal, so he could reach the stirrup to climb on his pet donkey so he could indulge in some nasty criticism of the US president. I too have some issues with Mr. Trump, but as a local politician, we are suppose to have a friendly and professional relationship with our American neighbours, This critique of the US president didn’t help our cause, especially when it was already strained in an earlier discussion when this same topic was raised by another councillor.
    Maybe, though it may happen behind closed doors, the Mayor will call councillor Gardi in on this & give him a verbal rap on the knuckles. Or, maybe not, seeing as the mayor & gardi come from the same political stipes. You know, the party that’s led by a prime minister who makes it a habit of breaking the law, obstruction of justice, political interference with the justice system, conflict of interest & firing high profile women, in his own party, who stand up to him, especially when he’s wrong.
    Oh well, what do I know.
    Stay tuned for more coverage of gardi’s comments on CNN, Washington Post & The New York Times. Lol !!!!

  8. Mr. Gardi is out of line with these tasteless comments about the US President. Please show some professionalism and respect, Councillor – after all, you’re not just representing yourself but the community with your public statements.

  9. I have to laugh at all the people bashing trump,I wish he was our PM, we would have manufacturing jobs, resource jobs ie oil, our economy would be alot better than what we have now, a PM who has stymied every manufacturing job, chased away companies willing to pay to open up business here, who broke ethics laws, is a corrupt dictator //// it wont be up to turdeau to open border btw

  10. Wow no one in this city should be calling any one names especially while representing our city. You sir are a disgrace. I am no fan of Trump but I do not call him names, I am also no fan of any councilor including you but I do not go on social media while representing our city to get my 15 min of fame. You need to apologize or resign.

  11. And, all of these stories continually being shared by Sault Online and asking the question over and over what the people think about opening the border is becoming redundant. You KNOW what they think and it is NOT helping the twin Sault’s relationship with all the negativity.

  12. One of Council’s mandate is to keep a good relationship with our friends on the other side. Mr. Gardi, him speaking, finds it acceptable to refer to their president as a buffoon. Whether he is or not, as a councillor that’s not right.

  13. You’re a real class act Gardi. How about you start working on the problems of the community you were elected to serve and stop grandstanding on international issues you have literally no power to control. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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