Sault Police Warn Of Fraud Scam


Over the last several weeks’ members of the public have been reporting calls from individuals claiming to represent the Canada Revenue Agency and/or financial institutions. On these calls, complainants say the callers claim their Social Insurance Numbers have been compromised.

Some of the calls have been described as messages to call back another number, while some have a person on the phone.

We wish to remind members of the public to be cautious about who they share personal information with. Never share personal, identifying or financial information with anyone you don’t know. Please remember, if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of the call, email or communication you may receive, hang up or do not respond. It is not rude, it is smart.

For more information on how to protect yourself from fraud or identity theft please visit


  1. Same here I had several in 10 days. They’re using Ransome caller ID #’s. The last one I called back from the caller ID and some guy answered as a different company 🤬
    The call before that one they called ID showed my own number grrr 🤬

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