Scheer calls on Trudeau to resign over WE deal


OTTAWA — Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should resign over his role in the controversy involving the We organization.

Scheer has previously called for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to be fired for trips he and members of his family took in 2017, part of which were paid for by the WE organization.

Scheer now says members of the Liberal caucus who do not want to be seen as complicit should demand that their leader quit.

When asked if he would be willing to force an election over the issue in the minority Parliament, Scheer said such an opportunity will not come until the House of Commons resumes full business in September, which is why he says Trudeau and Morneau should leave now of their own accord.

He also says a decision about seeking to defeat the Liberal government on a confidence motion should be made by the next leader of the party after results of the Conservative leadership contest are announced in late August.



  1. For any of you lib fans out there, turdeau is on his third ethics violation, he got caught trying to give a lucrative deal to his rich friends, that is our tax dollars he was giving away, for a program, in which there already was a student jobs program in existence for decades! I still cannot understand why people vote this corrupt, liar back into office, I really can’t. If you dont understand what is happening with all this WE scandal, I suggest you watch a few Pierre Pollieve videos!!!!

    • Lisa, You, or anyone, can find 100’s of WEB sites to support whatever view you hold. And you don’t have to look too hard. To form an intelligent opinnion try balancing your political point of views with videos supporting other Parties. Just saying

    • I agree Gerry, This man is a Lame Duck living for free is Stowaway collecting a huge salary and he is virtually irrelevant, by virtue of him resigning as leader of the conservatives. He should have had the decency of leaving the intern leadership to others.

  2. This has nothing to do with Scheer, it’s about how many times the same PM can be caught breaching Canadian tax payers trust. It’s not even Liberal vs PC, it’s the continuous violation of Canadian ethics, it’s the third time.

    This corrupt PM needs to be forced into a new election with by way of a non confidence vote.

    Unfortunately Canadians would find a way to re elect him as a majority government SMH.

  3. Canada dodged a bullet last election. I must say I am a fan of Minority Parliaments and I am grateful to the NDP, Singh, and the Green Party, May, for cooperating with the Liberals on behalf of Canadians. A Scheer government would have defunded scientists, privatized public health services, cut back on university research, waged war on health care unions and doctors, and Canada would resemble the U.S. rather than Japan in COVID response.

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