Statement from Ross Romano, MPP on Canada Day 2020


Happy Canada Day!

Today marks 153 years since Canada’s confederation. Canada Day gives us the opportunity to remember our past, be thankful for our rights and freedoms, and take pride in our shared values and ideals.

Over the years, members of our community have made major contributions to Canada, and the world. A Saultite has travelled into space, and another served as Canada’s 28th Governor General. Members from our community have won a Juno Award, Polaris Music Awards, and even the Stanley Cup! Gold Medal Olympians and Paralympian’s grew up right here in our backyards. For all of these reasons and more, we are proud of what Sault Ste. Marie has contributed to Canada, and we look forward to what the future may have in store for our great community.

This year has been difficult for us all, but during these challenging times we can reflect on what it means to be Canadian. Over the past few months, our community has shown great compassion and generosity towards one another – demonstrating the resilience and solidarity that defines us as Canadians. We are Team Sault Ste. Marie, we are team Ontario and we are all Team Canada; and our pride as Canadians is unparalleled.

While we are celebrating Canada Day differently this year, without our normal fireworks display over the St. Mary’s River, I do encourage everyone to celebrate safely. We can display the Canadian Flag loud and proud for all to see, and create other displays of Canadian pride at our homes and share them using #SaultCelebratesCanadaDay.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful celebration and please remember to celebrate responsibly. On behalf of my family, I wish you all a Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day!
    These days, Canada’s motto of “peace, order and good government” (Constitution Act) are more meaningful than ever, because they are all at risk from special interests and corruption.

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