The Breakfast Pig Celebrates Five Year Anniversary


SAULT STE. MARIE: As restaurants prepare to reopen tomorrow, one restaurant has had an amazing journey and just celebrated it’s five year anniversary. The Breakfast Pig Badass Eatery has taken the Sault by storm and Owner and Chef Angela Caputo, sat down with SaultOnline to discuss what the past five years have been like and how she’s had to get creative over the past four months with Covid-19. Chef Caputo speaks on optimism and how she believes she’s beat the odds of the restaurant game, having seen five years of success. Throughout her journey she had celebrity TV Host John Catucci of You Gotta Eat Here! surprised her with a visit. As well as, having Northern Ontario Whitefish Chowder recipe was featured in Savour Ontario at Home, an online publication.

“A sum up of our past five years, I am the ultimate optimist when it comes to this business. I always knew it would take off, but it has even well exceeded my own expectations,” said Angela Caputo, Owner of The Breakfast Pig Badass Eatery.

Chef Caputo hits her five year anniversary in the middle of Covid-19 and may not have had the celebration quite the way she’d hoped.

“It was better sweet, going through it at this time. I had always imagined having the street shut down and having a big party. Unfortunately, that wasn’t allowed so look for that in year six. It was definitely a milestone for my heart, it was really nice to be able to reach that. It’s kind of like a cornerstone of success…and we’ve really demolished a lot of stuff in five years and we’re ready to keep going and keep showing how strong we are.”

Chef Caputo discusses her special guest John Catucci of You Gotta Eat Here!

“He ate here, within our first three months of being open. We weren’t featured on the show, because we were still babies. He was actually here filming at Ernie’s, which was really cool. Any time we can see Sault Ste. Marie put on the map we’re happy. I was totally fangirling, I felt like I couldn’t even breathe when I saw him in the waiting room and that was really cool. He’s kind of talked to me recently if his new show gets extended, he’s kind of led on that he’d love to eat here and feature us. There’s lots of things in the works.”

As there have been many things in the works for Chef Caputo, recently her Northern Whitefish Chowder recipe was featured in a free recipe collection online designed to inspire passionate home chefs. Brought to you by Dairy Farmers of Ontario, the collection celebrates and promotes the chefs, growers, makers and producers, showcasing Ontario’s culinary richness.

“Savour Ontario approached us with this new initiative of Dairy Farms of Ontario and asked if I could come up with a recipe using Ontario Dairy and I featured our Northern Whitefish Chowder made with Agawa Fishery’ Whitefish and dairy from Lock City and that’s been really cool because that’s been featured amongst Chef Lynn Crawford, Chef Michael Hunter, just a whole bunch of famous chefs from across the province, It’s pretty humbling and pretty cool to be featured in that.”

During the past few months, many changes have come Chef Captuo’s way, having to close her doors in March, then quickly turning to take out orders only, and in June coming back to patio service in full swing with a beautiful patio set up of 8 tables.

“The past few months for me have almost been a bit of a blur. It’s been a test of rolling with the punches – How innovative can you be? I think it’s challenged my business skills and to be honest I think I’ve come out a better entrepreneur. A more compassionate boss and really strong. I think we’ll come back strong and better”.

July 17 is the official day restaurants can have people indoors, but all tables have to be six feet apart, meaning there will be reduced seating. Chef Caputo is excited and ready to put all the extra cleaning in place to get ready for Stage 3 of the reopening plan.

“We’re excited, we’re going to keep our patio. That’s been a question from a lot of people, I think people have been loving the outdoor eating and how we’ve set it up. So we’re keeping it and we’re going to have tables inside, the only restriction we’ve come across so far is our tables have to be six feet apart. You might see a few less of our tables, but that’s okay. We have enough outside that will make up for that. We’re excited, I think everyone is pretty pumped, to be back inside.”

To conclude the interview, when asked about community support Chef Caputo reveals how appreciative she is of the community for its support and thanks the community for supporting her Friday Fish Fry as she believes that’s what’s kept The Breakfast Pig going during these four months.

“I’m very grateful for Sault Ste. Marie, I’m very grateful for the support that was shown to us over the past four months. People were reaching out asking about buying gift certificates. We did the Fish Fry which honestly really kept our business going, doing 250 orders of fish out of a breakfast restaurant with one fryer and people just loving it and just really seeing people rally behind me and behind this restaurant, it really proves why I love supporting local. I do believe it runs in a circle and that it will come back to you and I think that we have proven that here.”


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