Treating Media Equally


Over the first six months of being a journalist in Sault Ste. Marie, I noticed some politicians and community organizations do not treat the media equally. Unless you lob softball questions to make them look good, they do whatever it takes to avoid granting interviews or even answering submitted questions.

They hide behind communications managers whose only job is to prevent an open and honest dialogue with the public. Several months ago, I showed how one communications manager planted stories in the media. That media organization had no problem publishing the story and no retraction after I exposed them!

Politicians and organizations should give equal time to each media outlet. However, that is not the case. Certain politicians and organizations think if they ignore your requests it makes them immune to scrutiny. God knows the local state media does not ask any difficult questions.

Some Sault City Councillors go on any media and take all questions. Not just the softball pre-scripted questions by the local state media. I am amazed at how some councillors respond to media requests quickly and others never respond even when reached out to by multiple means.

As an investigative journalist, any politician or organization who hides away becomes the first to investigate.

When politicians and organizations pick their favourite media. They are being dishonest with the public and should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s a shame that some politicians and organizations don’t have the courtesy and guts to answer all questions.

I have been here for six months, and I am not going anywhere! The truth will come out regardless of the cooperation of politicians and organizations in this town.

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  1. Since local elected leaders are answerable to the public who pays their salaries, I think it is informative to know the names of non-responders so that we can take that into consideration in upcoming elections.

  2. Try questioning the C19 narrative and have Craig my friend alert me yo the piece. It’s as obvious as ****, that we are living the Sweet Bamboozle of 2020. I have written about the lies the West has portrayed regarding Syria for many years and I am glad that you have researched it.


  3. You could start with our PM, the mole in the hole, he only answers prescipted prewritten questions, other news sites like true north news or rebel news have to take the PMO to court just to get the chance to ask him questions! Now that’s an open and transparent Gov’t!!!Not!!!!

  4. You have two friends. When you greet one of them, he/she will only punch/slap you in the face and the other will greet you with respect. Who would you rather talk too? You get what you give out.

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