“A Fall Like No Other” Sault College International Students

Sault College

“This is going to be a Fall like no other Fall we’ve ever seen.”

That’s according to Richard Peters, Sault College’s Vice President of Strategic International Development, as the college gets set for the first day of classes. The process is especially different given restrictions pertaining to COVID-19.

“Typically when international students are inbound, we spend a lot of time communicating with them before they leave their host country and talking them through the whole process,” says Richard Peters. “We set up orientation seminars for them in advance and once they’re here we usually provide that in-person. Of course, we’ll be doing a lot of that virtually this year given restrictions around COVID-19.”

Peters says because of Canada’s travel ban back in March, not every student wanting to attend Sault College will be able to this Fall, adding about 120 international students who managed to get their paperwork in order before the ban will be attending across all of its campuses.

Peters also points out that international students – like all travellers to Canada – must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. As far as on-campus residence goes, Peters says domestic students are given priority.

By: Mike McDonald, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


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