UPDATED: APH COVID-19 Reporting Changes

Algoma Public Health

UPDATE – August 19th

Algoma Public Health responded to our request for comment.

Quote from Epidemiologist Jordan Robson:

“In the coming weeks we are transitioning to the new provincial case and contact management solution. Part of this time will be spent optimizing the new ways of reporting and accessing information, and hopefully in a few weeks’ time, there might be further changes/features to how data is reported on our website. Our goal is to explore what we can about this new platform and to find additional ways to leverage its functionality.”


Algoma Public Health is changing the way it reports new information regarding COVID-19 cases.

No longer will testing numbers be reported daily but rather shift to an overall number for the week.

It is important to note that positive cases, if any, will still be reported daily to keep the community informed.

Sault Online has reached out to APH to comment on the benefits of the change and what the public should expect.

We will update this story when receiving more information from Algoma Public Health.