Bear Sightings Reported in Dryden and Ignace Areas

black bear

There have been some recent sightings of bears in the Dryden and Ignace areas of Northern Ontario. The Ontario Government is reminding the public to be aware and take neccesary steps to avoid problems.

The full release from the Ontario Government below:

Ontario is asking area residents to be aware of bear sightings in Dryden and Ignace areas, and to take the necessary steps to avoid attracting bears into local neighbourhoods.   

In the past few weeks, there have been several bear sightings in the Dryden and Ignace areas. This includes sightings in the Sandy Beach Road, East Thunder Lake and Thunder Lake Road areas within the City of Dryden, and the Pine Street, Spruce Crescent, and Humphrey Road areas in Ignace. All of these reports have involved attractants such as household garbage and barbeques.

Bears are looking for any available food sources, including garbage.

To avoid bear problems:

  • Store garbage securely in an enclosed storage area and only put out garbage on the morning of collection
  • Clean food residue and remove grease from outdoor barbecue grills after each use
  • Put away bird feeders until winter
  • Keep pet food indoors
  • Pick ripe fruit from trees and off the ground. 

Removing these attractants can help keep bears out of the area and help keep communities safe.


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