Wellington Street Underpass Flooded, Vehicle Stuck

Vehicle Stranded in the Underpass, Photo by Keith Bowser

Sault Online/ONNtv has received reports the Wellington Street Underpass has flooded and vehicle has been stranded.

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services are on scene, City Board of Works will be closing the area to all traffic.

Please avoid the underpass at this time in your travels.

Sault Online/ONNtv will bring you more updates and information as it becomes available.


  1. The Trains are barely moving across the underpass so eliminate the Underpass! Fill it in and make a regular Railway Crossing the same as all the rest. It’s a real joke to be spending so much on a Nothing Fix. The City did an awesome job of screwing up Bay St and all of the Downtown Core.
    Start making better decisions for our Taxpayers!!

    • bahaaha…whatever happen 8 yrs ago to fix a problem….that wasnt a problem now causes a problem!….can anyone tell me if the underpass flooded once in the 50 yrs…minus the last 8yrs where its flooded at least 6 times.. just saying!

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