Canada signs deal with Novovax to get 76 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine


OTTAWA — The federal government has a deal with a third vaccine developer to get access to an experimental COVID-19 vaccine as early as next spring.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Montreal this morning where he is set to announce details of the agreement with Maryland-based biotechnology company Novovax.

The contract promises to secure for Canadians 76 million doses of Novovax’s vaccine, which is currently in preliminary trials in the United States and Australia.

That would be enough to deliver two doses to almost every Canadian.

This is the third such deal Canada has made with COVID-19 vaccine developers, adding Novovax to similar arrangements made with Pfizer and Moderna earlier this month.

All vaccines remain in clinical trials and must first be deemed safe by the developers and then approved by Health Canada for use here before any Canadians will be vaccinated.



  1. Yeah that’s what I want, an experimental drug in me, without knowing its side effects or how harmful it could be to my health, with no way to sue for compensation!!!! Vaccines take years to make, like usually 5 years, we dont have a vaccine for the common cold which is caused by a Corona virus, we dont have an effective flu vaccine,it is usually a guess based on the previous years flu!!!!!! There is still no SARS-cov vaccine yet, or even Aids vaccine that are effective, so how they can come up with a vaccine for this Corona virus, do tell??????

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