Charities worry about loss of trust, donations in wake of WE deal controversy


OTTAWA — The head of a group promoting charities says the sector is worried about long-term negative impacts of the ongoing WE controversy on Parliament Hill.

Imagine Canada’s Bruce MacDonald says the concerns are that donors will pull back on giving money, or volunteering their time, due to a lack of trust in how it’s used.

Imagine Canada, a charity itself, has calculated the COVID-19 pandemic will cut donations by up to $6 billion this year, and that was before the controversy hit.

MacDonald says another worry is that governments will become hesitant to partner with charities over political concerns.

WE co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger spent four hours at the House of Commons committee last week, where they were peppered with questions about their organization’s complex structure and social enterprise arm known as ME to WE.

MacDonald says having multiple foundations and arms is not representative of the sector, but adds many charities do rely on social enterprises to fund their operations.


  1. I believe there are too many charitable organizations. Many offer the same services. It’s time to take a serious look at what are regarded as charities and make sure they’re actually doing what they say they do with donations.
    Many of these so-called charities are just job creation(for those involved) money laundering schemes.
    In my opinion many foundations which say they are charities are nothing of the sort.
    They all need to be investigated and denied taxpayer funding and charity status if they aren’t putting our money where it should be.
    I guess one can always dream.

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