Council Approves 305 Selby Road Development

Sault City Hall

On Monday evening, the city council approved rezoning 305 Selby Road as a low-density residential zone. The property presently zoned as a single detached residential zone. 

The house on the property was in poor condition and demolished by the owner. The property required rezoning for it to become semi-detached.

The new building will have rental units approximately 1,100 square feet.

A Korah Road neighbour asked for a deteriorating fence to be replaced. Mike Savino and the neighbour agreed to replace the fence.

Owner Mike Savino held a building project meeting on February 27 at the Northern Community Centre. No neighbours took part in the meeting.

Don McConnell, planning director, said there were no concerns from the neighbours.

Mayor Christian Provenzano wished owner Mike Savino “good luck to your development.”


  1. I am wondering why 35 Selby Rd. Sault Ste. Marie Ontario is nowhere to be found on Google Maps? If you search for 35 Selby Rd. (Sault Ont.) on Google Maps, you will see there is no such place. Google shows an address of 275 Selby Rd.

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