Espanola woman finished second runner-up on “Alone”

Kielyn Marrone

An Espanola woman’s journey in the frozen reaches of Great Slave Lake has come to its conclusion.

Kielyn Marrone, one of two women contestants and the only Canadian on History channel’s survival series “Alone” ended up being the second runner-up. This year was the seventh season.

Marrone was competing against nine other survivalists for the $1 million grand prize up for grabs.

The contestants had to last 100 days alone in the Arctic to get the money.

Marrone made it to the 80-day mark.

By: Mike McDonald, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


  1. Too funny. Second runner up is correct. Same as third place. 1st runner up was Callie. That’s second place. 2nd runner up was Kielyn…which is 3rd place.

  2. Kielyn did an amazing job. If she would have caught more food near the end, she may have gone to a hundred days.

  3. Simply by virtue of the sheer fortitude and incredible sense of adventure it took to just enter into this competition , let alone tough it through for almost 3 months, I’m fairly confident that the negative opinions from the armchair critics who weren’t called to the challenge , can be rendered irrelevant .

  4. Not impresseb when there is a film crew and a foid truck available. I hate “reality” shows that are far from.

    • Have you ever watched the show? There is no film crew, they set up camera’s around the campsite and film themselves. No one is around, no crew, no food truck. Do a little research before commenting Ken.

      • I have not use for this “reality” crap nor do I have much respect for those who support the junk since I am forced to pay for the same said junk, like Survivor and all the others, we are now inundated with everywhere we turn.

  5. She was awesome we were pulling for her all along I figured she would of won if she didnt get lonesome funny how the mind works and with no sun that didnt help but she did a fantastic job

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