‘Float Down’ scheduled for today, but officials warn against participation


SARNIA, Ont. — An annual tubing party on the river that separates Sarnia, Ont., from Port Huron, Mich., is scheduled for today, but officials on both sides of the border are warning against participation.

The so-called Float Down, which is more than three decades old, sees thousands of people float on inner tubes and rafts down the St. Clair River.

The Canadian and U.S. coast guards say the event is always dangerous, but it’s even riskier during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They note that the border between the two nations remains closed, and it could be hard to maintain physical distancing on the open water.

And the RCMP warned that the consequences for crossing into Canada during the pandemic are substantial.

A spokeswoman says crossing the marine border into Canada for optional or discretionary purposes such as touring, sightseeing and recreational fishing may result in fines of up to $750,000 or imprisonment for up to six months.


  1. Lorraine when people do stupid things that don’t affect other people and put them at risk…live your best…but when it does it’s just stupid.

    • Lorraine Rae Anne it’s not fear mongering. I live in Sarnia, this event shouldn’t happen on any year period. The river that connects the two countries has strong currents. Mix that with cheap beach floatation devices, alcohol, and unstable weather conditions and its a recipe for disaster. Look up online what happened during the 2016 flot down. Most of the participants flotted into Canadian waters when the winds picked up, cold, under the influence of alcohol. They had to be saved from Canadian authorities and brought back to the US on Canada’s dime. I don’t think it’s fear mongering. It’s a matter of safety.

    • Crystal Lukenda lol.. so now your the safety police??? I’m sorry but that is absolute fear mongering.. you are not responsible for anyone’s safety.. nor is the government.. if you want communism go somewhere else. People can take risks if they want to… it’s NOT up to you!! Smh. If people want to live their lives and challenge fear it’s up to them.. you stay home and pull the covers over your head…

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