Garden River Landfill Temporarily Closed


Please be advised that due to the current state of the GRFN Landfill site it will be closed effective immediately until further notice. GRFN will be monitoring the landfill site and Jardun Mine Road by camera surveillance and that any evidence of illegal dumping will be punishable by fine.

GRFN Public Works and Lands & Resources will execute a Solid Waste Management Plan to address issues with the landfill site. In the meantime, Public Works will continue to provide curbside pick-up of household garbage and recyclables on the following dates:

Monday – East end of Garden River
Tuesday – West end of Garden River
Wednesday – Recycling pickup

If you miss pick-up you will have to wait until the following week. Please contact Public Works if you have any appliances that need to be picked up at 705-946-6300 ext. 232.

Housekeeping Notes:

• Please put your recycling bin out by 7am every Wednesday.
• Please ensure garbage & recycling bins are free from rodents and hornet’s nests.
• Please keep garbage and recycling separate.
• Wood and yard waste will NOT be picked up with regular garbage pick-up.

Thank-you in advance for your patience,
GRFN Public Works, GRFN Lands & Resources and SMT


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