Gas Prices Jump 7 Cents

Gas Price

Gas prices jumped 7 cents across Sault Ste. Marie last night.

The oil and gas industry blamed Hurricane Laura for the rise in price. 

Laura affected a lot of the U.S. Gulf Coast. 

One of the largest refiners is located in Houston, which was in the path of Laura.

The U.S. Gulf Coast is a major supplier of oil for North America.

Dan McTeague, a gas price analyst, predicts gas prices to drop this weekend.

So, hold off filling up your tank if you can wait for the weekend.


  1. Driving up the prices during a pandemic, recession, families have to drive their kids to school, last long weekend of the summer. Guess that’s what happens when your soul is replaced by greed.
    If I recall, the previous federal government was investigating gas price fixing to implement legislation to stop it – meanwhile the current government quickly & quietly ended that investigation while tacking on taxes to drive those gas prices even higher.

  2. There was no need to bump up the price..YET…the gas that is in those tanks was already paid for at the lower price. There should only have been an increase when they buy gas at the NEW PRICE due to the hurricane. It is a chance for them to price gouge and no one stops them. ..the government is happy to see the price jump as they will get more tax dollars coming in. No wonder folks WERE crossing the bridge for fuel.

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