Government of Canada invests in agri-food producers and organizations in Northern Ontario


FedNor announces over $3 million from FedNor to help businesses grow and create jobs across Northern Ontario

Canada’s farmers and agri-food producers have been hit hard by COVID-19. The Government of Canada has taken significant action to help them through this difficult period, and it is committed to giving them the tools they need to be part of our economic recovery and emerge from it stronger and more competitive than before. Innovation is essential to making this a reality, which is why the government is working closely with producers and organizations to help them create jobs and increase production.

Federal support to help agri-food producers and organizations across Northern Ontario create jobs and increase production

Terry Sheehan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages and Minister responsible for FedNor, today announced more than $3 million in federal investments to help Northern Ontario’s agri-food sector innovate, grow and create jobs.

Delivered by FedNor, this funding will support 13 important initiatives in communities across Northern Ontario. It will help farmers and producers boost profits with new, modern equipment and value-added products, while increasing exports and expanding to new markets thanks to recent trade agreements. It will also assist them in becoming more efficient by increasing capacity and field yields, adopting new technologies and improving data collection and analysis. As COVID-19 causes serious disruptions to supply chains, this investment will help businesses mitigate and address these challenges.

This important investment will set Northern Ontario’s agricultural sector on the path to future success. It will open more opportunities for young people to pursue a future in agriculture through the hiring of interns, while giving young farmers across the region access to mentorship and other special assistance. Recognizing the importance of the agricultural sector across society, it will improve access to capital for producers that create social and environmental benefits. Finally, it will support research to better understand which plants can thrive in the challenging climate of Northern Ontario.

Today’s announcement is further proof of the Government of Canada’s commitment to Canadian farmers and agri-food businesses – helping them to not just survive, but thrive. Initiatives like these will help get Canadians back to work and ensure that our agricultural sector can play a major role in Canada’s economic recovery.



    • Going back to school is provincial jurisdiction not federal.
      However, you should be contacting our Liberal MP and his boss, the PM, was to why parliament isn’t returning to full sittings if schools are to reopen.
      You could also ask them when our corrupt PM is going to resign.

      • Why contact your Liberal MP to ask him that when, as you said, the going back to school issue is a provincial matter. Better to call your CONservative MPP about that.
        As to the other matter, when have ANY of our corrupt PMs been forced to resign?

  1. Shared from Mark Fera:

    I want people to remember when it come to voting this time coming up the truth about what has happened. Small business was promised help and protection thru this covid which I can tell you first hand is not true I had to close my collectable shop for almost 4 months and no help, every time I applied was denied. I sent numerous phone calls to Terry Sheehan all with the promise he would call back never did. Today is a sad day the Stamping Grounds in Market Mall closed for good this will effect every businesses in the mall as mall traffic will be a lot less. The sad part is a Crown Corporation decided not to renew the postal lease but instead move it down the street to shoppers drug mart. So once again the private business is made to suffer at the hands of a Corporate company. In Sault Ste Marie this is how we protect our private businesses lie to them and run them out of town. Sad Sad day for the Sault.

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