Letter: World War 3 is on NOW….but NOT as a movie!


An Essay by Russ Hilderley (Columnist,broadcast Journalist,CEO Gilder Broadcasting LTD Ret’d

My wife Kitty and I returned from Progreso after 7 months.The last 2…were Pandemic induced panic.Most of our Canadian friends scrambled in March and April,fearing entrapment in Yucatan when their medical insurance coverage had or was about to expire.

We “self-isolated” to wait out the herds or hordes of  the unmasked,and uninformed,jostling to board any airline flying directly to Canada . We received selfies of Expats posting from overcrowded corridors in Merida and Cancun.

Seeing such congested confusion,prompted us to postpone our plan of escape to a time when a semblance of order was evident. An April 20th Air Canada booking from Merida  to Toronto by way of an Interjet leg to Mexico City failed to come to fruition.A second,third, and fourth attempt failed to fly non-stop out of Mexico to our homeland in May…or June.

BUT…bite the bullet! American Airlines would save the day by noon hour schedules daily leaving Cancun to Toronto,with a four hour stop over in Charlotte.Landing at Pearson International was 11pm…and a dash to Enterprise Car rentals completed our trip of travel trauma by day break the next day. Mandatory self-isolation for the next 14 days at our shoreside home on Lake Superior seemed heaven sent!

When we emerged from cocooning to begin the hunt for sustenance in Sault Ste. Marie,a terrifying scene unfolded.Few folks were

masked,and many others were ignoring the call for social distancing.It made trekking into town ,cause for trepidation.Last week, I was confronted by an unmasked shopper trying to muscle his way down “my aisle” against the flow marked by arrows on the floor.I asked him why he was not wearing a mask.He said it was none-of-my-business ! Oh…REALLY? I told him “anyone  endangering MY health by NOT wearing a mask “WAS MY BUSINESS”. When I blocked the aisle with my shopping cart,his son (who WAS wearing a mask) pulled daddy back from the confrontation.Obviously,the boy had more maturity.

As news of the wars emerging world wide were raising alarm bells ,the message seemed to be falling on deaf ears among too many who could not, or would not heed the call for common sense.

The apparent lack of respect for others from too many who appear oblivious to the harm caused by close encounters produced serious challenges to the Medical community. It has prodded me to write the attached essay.

We must do everything we can  to ease the consequences of thoughtless populations who “just don’t get it”! The immortal youth,and some adults who continue to throw all caution aside,refusing to adopt new habits, are aiding and abetting the Alien Enemy.

(You may use any ,and all of this email with my explicit hope  the more exposure to the crisis, the more it may “sink in” sooner,rather than much later.

Thank you,


Russ Hilderley


  1. This dude sucks. By approaching and interacting with a mask-less person, you actually put yourself at more risk. If your health was really that important to you, you wouldn’t have risked a situation where you are forcing the man to open his mouth and speak to you. This self righteousness is disgusting. If you’re truly scared of the virus than don’t go outside. You afford trips to Mexico so hire someone to do your shopping for you and shut your mouth.

  2. You blocked the aisle with you cart? You
    hit the nail on the head by saying the young boy had more maturity..but not only more than his father but you as well…mind your business!!

  3. Seriously ???? I don’t blame the guy for getting ticked.. You are not a cop, no matter how much you think you matter.. There is a fair portion of the world that can’t tolerate the mask.. I have health issue that allow me to go maskless but I wear it anyway for the few minutes that I am in a store, just to avoid issues with people like you.. I do what I can to try to help out, but your way is definitely gonna cause you some problems..Just because you can vacation in the Yucatan and have a nice shoreside home you don’t have the right to tell others how to live their lives…

  4. I am not sure where you shop…but it has been my experience to witness everyone in stores wearing masks. I think the folks in the Soo have done a great job of distancing and wearing masks. The results prove it…no hospitalizations…no deaths etc. By your own accounting you were not here to witness this as you were out of the country. Well done sooites !!!!!

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