Millroy: Hockey Hubs, Cash-Less Shopping and Trump’s Cognitive Test


Edmonton and Toronto are serving as hub cities for the 24 National Hockey League teams that will compete in the playoffs leading to a Stanley Cup winner for the 2019-2020 season, in which play was suspended on March 12 due to the spreading global pandemic.
Despite the closing of the border between Canada and the United States, many American players fill out the rosters on these teams.

As such, I believe the same exemption should be accorded American players on Canadian teams in the three major junior leagues, Ontario Hockey League, Western Hockey League and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, that play under the banner of the Canadian Hockey League.

As it stands, American players on Canadian teams are not being allowed to come into Canada for the CHL season, whenever it starts, if it ever does.

I don’t think this is fair.

I am fully in support of the federal government in keeping the border closed between Canada and the United States.

But there are many exemptions being allowed and I believe junior hockey players should fit into one of them.

American players should be allowed to enter the country and immediately spend the required 14 days in self-isolation that others who are allowed to cross the border must do.
This, of course, won’t be necessary until it is known for sure that there is going to be a season.

Students are not going to be allowed to travel back and forth to education institutions on either side of the river and I am in favour of this. The Americans have let the virus run wild and we don’t want it transported freely into our country.

But allowing the junior hockey players into the country would be nothing like this. Once they were here, they would stay here for the season. And I mean the season.

There would be no returning home for something like the Christmas break. Actually, I think it would be wise to play through Christmas, which would mean Canadian players wouldn’t get to go home either, because if the season does start it undoubtedly will start late.

As there are not all that many American teams participating in the Canadian leagues, they might decide not to operate. But if they do, I would expect Canadian players on these teams would be accorded the same exemption I am suggesting for Americans playing on Canadian teams.

I NEVER THOUGHT it would happen to me, being somewhat of a dinosaur, but I am in the land of tap.

I have touched actual money only six times since somewhere in the second week of March.

Instead, pretending I am a preppy, I have gone to tapping my credit card, using it rather than my debit card as it gives me a few bucks in cash back.

When people used to tell me tapping a credit, debit card or a cell phone was the wave of the future, I didn’t really believe them.

I’m old, actual money was the thing for minor purchases most of my life, I couldn’t really see that changing.

But with Covid-19 lurking everywhere, I didn’t really want to touch money so I turned to tapping.

I admit I am still somewhat embarrassed tapping for a $1 coffee at McDonald’s and it certainly has increased the number of items on my credit card statement, but I am accepting it as playing my part in fighting the virus.

And I admit I like the idea that it gives me a bit of feeling that I am still with it

U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is making a big thing out of a cognitive test he took at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

He bragged in a phone interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that he had recently “aced” a cognitive test at Walter Reed and also said that medical staff were “very surprised” by how well he did.

“They said, ‘That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did.’ ”

The test to which he is referring screens for early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I find it hard to believe he would even admit taking it, let alone say he “aced” it.

During a second Fox News interview, Chris Wallace told the president that the test he took is “not the hardest test” and he even posted graphics of one of the questions, which asked the test taker to identify drawings of animals.

Trump responded by challenging his presumptive Democratic rival Joe Biden to “take a test right now.” What’s more, Trump said that the test questions get harder and that the exam question that Wallace shared was a “misrepresentation.

Wallace countered by providing one of the questions, count back from 100 by 7, the first answer being 93.

I suppose we can’t criticize Americans for choosing a person with apparent limited mental capacity for president.

After all, we elected Justin Trudeau, who it turns out appears to be ethically challenged, twice.


  1. I took the test that has the question–count backward by sevens from 100–when I quickly reached 72 the Test person stopped me and said that he never seen that done so quickly but it only means that I am good with numbers not especially good with other questions but I did get 28 out of 30 on the test. Does that qualify me to be a President–of course not ! But it shows that I don’t have any symptoms of Dementia–Yet.

  2. The choice of Joe Biden as the Democratic Party candidate is the first time the US has ever had someone running for President who is evidently in a state of mental decline. It makes me wonder what the Democrats think of the intelligence of their liberal followers that they would present such a candidate for their approval.

  3. Unless you your have taken that test, you can’t really say unless you do, so you know just how hard it is…the test is quite long, and after a while your mind gets tired, as I have sat and listened to it being done. Biden should be made to take the test with the results given out.

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