New confirmed case of COVID-19 reported by APH


Algoma Public Health is reporting a new case of COVID-19.

Exposure is unknown at this time, meaning evidence community spread is ongoing in Sault Ste. Marie and area.

The full release from Algoma Public Health follows below:

Algoma Public Health is reporting a new COVID-19 case in a resident in the Algoma district.

Details of the confirmed case:


Case Number  Exposure Category  Status   Tested               Important Information
Case #28 Unknown Self-isolating Aug 27, 2020
  • Close contacts have been notified
  • Additional related information can be found here


  • Unknown exposure is evidence of ongoing community spread in Sault Ste. Marie & Area


  • All Algoma residents must continue to practice physical distancing because any close contact could be a possible exposure


  • Masks or face coverings must be worn in all indoor public places in Algoma and they should also be worn in other settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained




  1. One case with a 99.96% assurance of recovery & an 86% chance that the test was a false positive & a 100% guarantee that every doctor or so called scientist on the planet has completely ignored the warning from the scientist who developed the procedure to NOT use this method as a test for anything.

    It was specifically designed to amplify RNA material, not to identify it.. don’t take my word for it look it up. Then I think we need to be seriously considering a class-action lawsuit against every doctor ‘exiled’ to Sault Ste Marie along with every bird-brain listed on the main-floor directory at city hall.

    These half-wits have deliberately ruined us.. more people have died from genital herpes then have died from Covid-19. just sayin’. #EnoughIsEnough

    Strange daze indeed..

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