No Shortage of School Bus Drivers

School Bus

Parents are being reassured that there will not be a bus driver shortage when students return to school for the 2020-2021 school year.

Joe Santa Maria told Algoma District School Board trustees that the Huron Superior Transportation Services Consortium works with seven busing companies. He adds there have been no concerns about a driver shortage in September.

As far as concerns regarding COVID-19, students will be seated on buses starting at the back to prevent the kids from passing each other as they board.

Santa Maria also says bus drivers will be performing a deep clean before and after kids get on and off the bus.

By: Mike McDonald, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


  1. I would rather my son who is in grade one to sit near the front of the bus and my other son has autism and needs to sit near the front as well

  2. Funny how that works. PLANdemic has fixed the teachers strike, the shortage of bus drivers and is providing illegal drugs to support your habits. What has happened to our world?

  3. One issue with the so called deep cleaning theory, will drivers have enough time to deep clean there buses with kids who transfer busses at superior and ride to korah?
    There are multiple busses that drop kids off at superior heights and kids transfer to 3 other buses to go to korah. These buses are only here momentarily to pick up other kids after some kids get off the bus to superior heights. The kids trying to get on the busses all mash together just trying to get on the earlier buses.

    I hope ADSB and the transportation department come up some sort of plan for these types of situations.

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