Officer Not Charged Say OPP

OPP Police Car

A story published by on August 5th pertaining to a Sault Ste. Marie OPP Officer being charged with Neglect of Duty is false says OPP Chief Superintendent
Regional Commander of the North East Region.

“The article alleges that the officer was “charged with neglect of duty under the Police Services Act.” It further states that court documents were provided as the basis of the article. It is my understanding the investigative report was provided to your reporter by the lawyer of the public complainant.” said Carson Pardy, North East Region.

“A public complaint was laid when PC Van Den Diepstraten entered a residence in an attempt to serve a subpoena to a witness with respect to criminal offences. An investigation was commenced into the public complaint allegation of Neglect of Duty pursuant to Section 2(1)(c) O/Reg. 268/10 of the Police Services Act.” Pardy wrote in an email to, “the matter has not yet been concluded however no PSA charge was laid, nor was there a hearing under the PSA. There was no court hearing and no court documents.”

Pardy said, “As a result, the officer and his family has received significant negative response from the community which has had an impact on his personal and professional life.” believed the documents provided by the complainant’s lawyer, Davin Charney, to our newsroom was in fact court documents provided by the OPP. They were not and we erred in the publication of the article.


  1. Pretty sure the one charged should be Mr. Charney for leading the news outlet to believe that the documents that he submitted were court documents provided by the OPP.
    Are these actually even facts that are published? Or are they the so called “facts” that the complainant who felt the need to hide from an officer told his/her lawyer?

  2. Sault online, how about a public apology, not just a small headline at the end of the story.. You had HUGE headlines when you claimed he had been charged… Kinda slanted reporting, in my humble opinion…

    • How is it that yous think he was doing his job. When he just walks right inside someone house with out making him self known to who ever may live they’re. How is that doing his job. And this offices has been known to do that alot walking into house with out knocking at the door. Thier job is to knock at the door and make thier self known and wait for someone to answer the door. To serve what ever is needed or. If even to talk to who ever that is needed to be. Instead of just walking right on in like it his own house. Im pretty sure no one wouldnt wont anyone walking into your house. And the law states that no offfices cant enter anyones house unless they are let in by the homeowner. The only time they can unless its and emergency and they know no one cant answer the door.

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