Siblings First Lemonade Stand For Charity

Lemonade Stand

Both Hanzalah (age 7) and Abrish (age 5) always showed enthusiasm in helping needy people. They believe kindness brings kindness.

A few days ago, Hanzalah woke up in the morning. I don’t have any idea whether something was running in his brain or he had a fantasy or the like and said, “Dad, I need to earn money.”

“For what?” I inquired. 

He answered, “I simply want to support the needy fellows, so for that I need money however I would prefer not to get that cash from you Dad. I need to bring it in myself.”

“You gotta come up with a plan on how you can earn money for this noble cause, I will help you carry out that, but idea ought to be your own,” I answered.

Lemonade Stand

It was a challenge for him, yet he accepted. It took him a little while and finally, he came up with a thought of setting up a lemonade stand to raise funds. 

I gave him a couple of choices where cash can be given, and he picked the “Soup Kitchen – Sault Ste Marie.”

Hanzalah and Abrish designed and printed an invitation card to invite neighbours and friends (within the social circle respecting COVID 19 limitations) with menu and prices.

Unfortunately, they could not invite their school teachers and class fellows because of schools being closed. They designed a lemonade stand banner and payment receipt.

Their mother helped them to make a batch of brownies to offer alongside the drinks.

Lemonade Stand 

All children who joined the occasion got exceptionally energized when Hanzalah and Abrish revealed to them they are fundraising to support the needy.

Older kids helped assemble the stand and displaying the banner. The event ended up being effective raising $88.

Hanzalah and Abrish went to Soup Kitchen and handed over the funds raised. Their faces were red with excitement and they committed to themselves that they will continue doing such thoughtful gestures.


  1. Great work By both Abrish and Hanzalah. It’s amazing to see your support for the community. Your work will always be remembered for the people in need. Keep up the amazing work your are doing. 😊

  2. Kudos Hanzalah and Abrish what an incredible deed you both did especially during these unprecedented times. You are an inspiration to other kids .keep helping others in your local community. Well Done 👍

  3. This story made my day. Proud of you Hanzalah n Abrish. By thinking of others and doing act of kindness – does not matter how big or small it is – always make a difference in the society. Good to see you going on a right track of helping others humbly.

  4. Great job Abrish and Hanzalah, you should be very proud of yourselves. Thinking of others at this time is heart warming, with everything going on right now. Great job, great idea, great work!!

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