Source: CFL’s $30-million federal loan request falls through


TORONTO — The CFL’s board of governors will meet Monday to determine the fate of the 2020 season after the league was unable to secure financial assistance from the federal government.

The CFL presented Ottawa with a $30-million, interest-free loan request Aug. 3 to stage an abbreviated 2020 season.

But a source familiar with the situation said Sunday night the plan fell through when the assistance couldn’t be provided to the league under the terms it sought.

The source was granted anonymity because neither the CFL nor the government have discussed the proposed loan publicly.

The CFL’s board of governors are expected to determine the league’s next course of action Monday.

However, the league had stated repeatedly government assistance was needed in order to stage a shortened season.

Earlier this summer, the CFL said all games would be played in Winnipeg if a shortened season could be staged.