Supreme Court of Canada to dig into snow-removal controversy


OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada will review a dispute about a quintessentially Canadian issue — the question of municipal responsibility for proper snow removal to ensure the safety of citizens.

Taryn Joy Marchi alleged the City of Nelson, B.C., created a hazard when it cleared snow from downtown streets after a storm in early January 2015.

The removal effort left snowbanks at the edge of the street along the sidewalk early in the morning of Jan. 5.

Late in the afternoon of March 6, Marchi parked in an angled spot on the street and tried to cross the snowbank to get to the sidewalk, but her right foot dropped through the snow and she fell forward, injuring her leg.

Marchi contended the city should have left openings in the snowbank to allow safe passage to the sidewalk but a judge dismissed her case, saying the city was immune from liability.

The B.C. Court of Appeal overturned that decision, prompting the city to seek a hearing in the Supreme Court.