Teachers’ union ask Ontario for workplace safety orders as schools reopen


TORONTO — Ontario’s four major teachers’ unions say a meeting with the labour minister has resulted in no commitment to address concerns about safety standards in the province’s school reopening plan.

The unions call for the meeting earlier this month after they alleged the province’s plan violated the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In a joint letter to their 190,000 members, the unions say they have asked the Ministry of Labour to issue a series of workplace orders in schools to protect students and teachers from COVID-19.

The unions say standards should be applied mandating 15 to 20 students per class, cohorting to a maximum of 50 students, and ventilation requirements for schools already deemed safe for the province’s courthouses.

They say boards should also be allowed to delay the beginning of the academic year either board wide or at specific schools to ensure health and safety measures are in place.

If the orders aren’t issued by Friday, the unions say they will file a complaint about the province’s reopening plan to the Ontario Labour Board.

The Minister of Labour’s office did not immediately provide comment.


  1. Come on teachers…do your part. It is time to get back to work and stop the political actions. There are no cases of the virus. Others are working without complaint. If you do not go back NOW…your pay should be stopped.

  2. Meanwhile teenagers have been working in front line positions for months including when covid cases were at peak, and they handled it well without complaining.

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