An Evening at Hogwarts: Diagon Alley Online


Welcome Sault Ste. Marie to Diagon Alley Online, a shopping area for the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Shops will be selling robes, strange silver instruments, tottering piles of spell books, potion bottles and all the bits and bobs one could need. Meet the shopkeepers and explore the Alley as students prepare for their third year at Hogwarts.

In this year’s installment of An Evening at Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Alumni Committee invites fans of all ages to delve into a virtual magical world of wizardry. Witches, wizards and muggles can access the most magnificent shops in wizarding Sault Ste. Marie by simply tapping the bricks of their computer’s keyboard. The best thing about the shopkeepers, they’re ALL local! Though shops are open year round in the muggle world, their magical storefronts will be open in Diagon Alley for the entire month of October.

Inside Diagon Alley you will find:

  • An assortment of shops and other sights;
  • Gringotts vault giveaways of various magical artifacts;
  • Each storefront’s colourful, glittering window displays will be advertised for shoppers to
    find various goods;
  • Gringotts will also host multiple vault auction sales throughout; and
  • Patrons will be given a chance to win the contents of a legendary dragon-guarded
    Gringotts vault.

The event is the result of a group of likeminded and dedicated individuals, who came together to form the Hogwarts Alumni Committee to make this dream a reality. “We are a group of very passionate volunteers who want to make a difference in a positive way,” shared committee co-chair Megan Becker. “Our goal this year is to bring Diagon Alley to life digitally for local fans and help people touched by cancer.”

Since its inception in 2018, An Evening at Hogwarts Sault Ste. Marie has raised over $70,000.

Funds raised through this event support lifesaving cancer research. Thanks to the generosity of donors, shopkeepers and patrons, the Canadian Cancer Society is leading the way in the fight against cancer. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, email [email protected]