Canadian cybersecurity poll finds 84% rethink doing businesses hit by data breach


TORONTO — A new report suggests a large majority of Canadians are reluctant to do business with companies that suffer a data breach.

It also says about one-quarter of the people surveyed for the report have had their login credentials stolen from a trusted site.

The report by consulting firm KPMG is based on responses from 2,004 people who were surveyed online between Sept. 15 and 18.

KPMG says 84 per cent of respondents would consider taking their business elsewhere if a company failed to keep their data safe.

It also says 90 per cent of them said they were “leery” about sharing their personal or financial information with any organization that’s had a data breach.

Online polls can’t be assigned a margin of error because they’re not considered truly random.

The KPMG poll was done a month after the Treasury Board revealed thousands of stolen usernames and passwords were used to apply for federal government services.