City Council moves forward on Civic Plaza

Mayor Christian Provenzano

SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT – During last night’s city council meeting, three main items took up the majority of the council’s time. A stop sign versus yield sign discussion, a gravel pit and the Downtown Civic Plaza.

City Council was thrilled to see the designs for the Civic Centre.

After a presentation by the engineering firm, councillors were more than excited about the proposed design.

After some followup questions regarding vandalism, funding and other design features.

The motion to proceed to the next steps passed unanimously.

The current forecasted cost for the project is over six million dollars and the city is exploring funding options.

In the most hotly contested item, a proposal to the council to move a yield sign located at Illinois and Texas avenues back 5 meters to make it more visible.

The proposal was quickly defeated and replaced with a motion to place a stop sign.

After a heated debate, it passed 8-3.

Mayor Provenzano and two other councillors were against the stop sign.

Since 2005, a property located on the fourth line has been marked for aggregate use but with a holding provision on it.

The motion that passed tonight allows for the expansion of the BAR-X gravel pit by Avery Construction if they get all the available permits.

The site sits near our water source and after careful consideration and much consultation the motion was passed and the hold will be removed.

Full stories on all of these and more will be available over the next week.


  1. Six million dollars would have been better spent on a ‘LONG TERM TREATMENT CENTER’ .. what is this Nit-Wited fixation our Mayor has with skating rinks. Time to show them all to the curb. +1-vote #NoConfidence

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. So this multi-million dollar venture being build around the same vicinity as countless other failed ventures, which keep failing because the city keeps failing to action the root causes seems like a good idea?
    Businesses and people are leaving the downtown because of the crime, poorly designed streets, crumbling infrastructure, terrible parking, drugs users, beggars, etc. This is yet another half-baked bandaid solution.
    Should we expect this to proceed as the other ventures & parks? Feasible and attractive for a year years then start to fall into disrepair & covered in graffiti since there’s no budget for maintenance.

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